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7 Amazing Bathroom Vanity Ideas for 2021

Bathroom vanities are very useful, come in different finishes and styles, and have already spruced up many bathrooms. And this post will give you the best ideas for designing your bathroom with bathroom vanities. So, without further ado, here are the seven amazing bathroom vanity ideas to make your bathroom stylish and comfy:

  1. Experiment With Symmetry, Spaced Basins, Mirrors, and Lights

A symmetrical vanity unit can help create a sense of calmness. Meanwhile, wall-mounted bathroom lighting and perfectly spaced mirrors will take your symmetry to the next level.

This method allows the unit to be perfectly placed, ensuring that each user has a clearly defined wash area. So, allow at least 15 centimeters between basins to have enough elbow room for two people.

  1. Upgrade Antique Furniture to Create a Beautiful Bathroom Vanity

Initially, an antique vanity unit would have a marble top holding a tin or china and a jug for washing. Hence, if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind bathroom ideas, this is a great candidate for conversion.

A skilled plumber or carpenter can easily cut plumbing holes in an antique-looking vanity unit while keeping the functionality of a modern piece.

  1. Vanity With Under-Mounted Basins for a Minimalist Look

Under-mounted basins, which are attached to the underside of the countertop, have a sleek, minimalist appearance. While under-mounted basins may be more expensive initially because of complex installation, you will enjoy the benefits in terms of cleanliness. Also, there is no raised rim or lip to collect dirt and bacteria. Moreover, its plain surface is easier to clean.

  1. Get a Custom-Made Vanity for a Unique Look

With a custom-made vanity unit, there’s no excuse for bathroom chaos. Moreover, they will be low maintenance since they have no dust traps and also provide a variety of small bathroom storage ideas in the available space.

  1. Clear the Floor for More Space

Since double vanity units are normally larger than single vanity units, it is important to improve the sense of space even if your bathroom has limited space. Meanwhile, showing more floor space is a clever small bathroom idea as it creates a larger room effect. So, choose a vanity with slim legs or that is wall-mounted to create the illusion of openness.

  1. Make Your Bathroom Vanity the Center of Attraction

Keeping a double vanity off the walls can result in far more efficient use of floor space. This is because if there are doors and windows on three of the four walls of the bathroom, it will seem natural to place the vanity unit in the centre of the room. Moreover, a central bathroom vanity unit with eye-catching mirrors and beautiful components is also a great centrepiece.

  1. Include a Statement Wall to Create High Drama

A classic pedestal-style washstand is completely timeless and ideal for displaying bold bathroom wall ideas. Moreover, antique brass adds a warm touch to a traditional ball-jointed frame.

Choosing a double vanity with open storage beneath makes the unit appear lighter and allows for the addition of personal touches and texture. For example, baskets can be used to keep toiletries organised, and towel bales can add comfort.

Since they incorporate basins and storage space in a single piece of furniture, these bathroom vanity ideas are a great addition to any design. Moreover, allowing two people to use a sink simultaneously relieves tremendous pressure on the bathroom, especially in a busy home.


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