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When manufacturing cannabis products, you should give due regard to cannabis packaging rules in your state. Remember that cannabis laws are evolving, so you should always keep yourself updated about state laws for cannabis packaging. Keeping up to date on the latest developments in this rapidly evolving sector will improve your chances of fully complying with state laws. You should exercise utmost caution vis-à-vis cannabis packaging, since the smallest mistake or omission might mean lawsuits, fines and penalties.

Given below are some of the best practices you should follow for cannabis packaging. Remember that the list shown below is by no means complete. You should talk to your legal counsel for full information on this critical matter.

1.   Medication Lock Box

Mention on the cannabis product package, that it is always supposed to remain in the medication lock box. This warning is necessary to keep it out of the reach of children and teens.

The trouble with the world today is that kids are growing up too fast and know about things that could end up harming them at an early age. The same holds true for cannabis. Thus, as a responsible manufacturer who values the safety of customers and their families, you should inscribe a reminder on the label so that customers remember to keep it in medication lock boxes.

Besides children and teens, pets could end up consuming these products. Thus, medication lock boxes are paramount for cannabis safety.

2.   Legal Matters

Federal and state bodies have differing positions on cannabis use and consumption. Thus, you should speak with legal experts to remain on top of complex cannabis rules. Interstate cannabis sales could be illegal in your area.

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration is working on a legal framework for more uniform cannabis packaging rules. But till that happens, you will have to follow cannabis packaging rules in your state. But you should be mentally ready for any rule set at the federal level and maintain a contingency plan so that you can immediately implement these rules with minimal disruption to business.

3.   Correct Labels

Make sure that your cbd labels identify cannabis products correctly. Even the smallest mistake in incorrect labeling could mean a massive recall that could disrupt your business. To avoid incurring such massive costs and rework, you should always take care to identify your cannabis products correctly in your labels.

4.   Health Claims

Avoid all health claims. The FDA is taking an increasingly tough stance against health claims. Thus, you will avoid a lot of trouble by refraining from health claims.

Even if you are able to find studies that seem to validate cannabis health claims, it may not be wise to rely on them. Quite often, these studies have relatively few test subjects, are animal studies (and thus not completely accurate for humans) and are often conducted over relatively short time periods. Since cannabis has been banned outright for such a long amount of time, long term studies on a huge number of human participants do not exist.

It will take science some time to catch up on cannabis health benefits. Even when that happens, you should ideally wait for the FDA’s validation and approval before using purported health benefits for marketing.

5.   Constant Updates

Keep yourself updated on cannabis package rules. The rules in your state could change at any instant so you should remain ready and stay updated on resources that provide information in this regard. For instance, you should follow your state’s website to remain updated on any changes to cannabis packaging rules.

You should also bear in mind that the FDA could implement rules for cannabis packaging that you will be bound to follow.

6.   Safe Packaging

Ensure that cannabis packaging is sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear that it could be subjected to when being transported from your facility to the store shelf.

The package should be tough so that there is no damage upon arrival at the store. You will have to make it attractive so that it gains consumer attention. But beware of overly bright labelling, since that could make it attractive to children. Hence, before you apply any design to cannabis packaging, make sure that it does not contravene any law that could deem the design attractive to children. Give it a professional look so that it can gain the trust of consumers.

7.   Work With the Right Partners

Since cannabis packaging laws are complicated and subject to change at any time, it may be a good idea to outsource it to a reliable cannabis packaging firm. You should do your research for the right partner so that cannabis packaging is in safe hands.

Hence, you should get in touch with the best in the business who have previously serviced respected cannabis manufacturers.

MedLock offers compliant yet attractive packages for all of your cannabis products. By entrusting cannabis packaging to our trustworthy and dependable experts, you can rest assured that you will remain compliant with state laws. At the same time, your packages will be attractive enough to gain consumer attention and foster trust in your brand.

MedLock manufactures child resistant and tamper evident packages that will keep you on the right side of the law. The company provides a full range of products and services for all of your cannabis packaging requirements. Thus, you can depend on MedLock to manufacture fully compliant custom packages and labels.

MedLock can guarantee the best prices on cannabis packaging so that you can maximize profit margins on your cannabis products. You won’t find cheaper rates in the market for your cannabis packages. This is an important factor to consider in a highly challenging business environment where competition is heating up.

You can also get quick shipping on the same day for cannabis packaging to reduce transit times.

For the very best in cannabis packaging, contact us today.

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