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With the growth of the digital platform, it has become necessary for businesses to go online. But not every business is successful online. Why? It is because of the reason that a lot of businesses don’t focus on the right factors and tools of digital marketing. Everything is beneficial only if used in the right way. In the case of websites and digital marketing, SEO is something that you all must have heard about. It is one of the most important factors to be considered in any website. There are some law firm SEO mistakes that make their websites rank lower on searches, thus resulting in lower traffic. 

Let us understand the 7 most common SEO mistakes made by law firms.

Common SEO mistakes made by law firms

If you are making SEO mistakes on your website, it will reduce your client reach. That is why it is very important to understand and avoid these common mistakes.

  • Using only one keyword: Keywords are a must to be used on the website in a right. Most people choose only one keyword and then use it on every page of their website, but that is not a good practice. Make your law firm SEO services good and useful by using the right amount of keywords on your website. Use diverse keywords, twist them as they can be used, use various possibilities of phrase to be more visible on search engines. There are various tools available online that help you in finding the right keywords, after analysing the industry trends and data of the competitors. Use diverse keywords on every page of the website, including blog posts, FAQs, etc. You can use short or long-tail keywords as per your needs.
  • Specialised keywords: The keywords that we use are of two types: generic and specialised. It is a common practice to go for generic keywords, but it is one of the many law firm SEO mistakes. When you search for keywords on any tool, you see that the generic keywords have bigger search volumes, but that doesn’t make it the right keywords to be used for your website pages. Specialised keywords help in making searches more specific. If you add your specialisation in a normal keyword, the chances of you coming higher on search engines increases. Specialised keywords also help in reducing competition. These specialised keywords can be location-based, speciality based and offer based. 
  • Bad backlinks: Link building is a strategy that brings your website to a higher position. It is a very important thing to do on your websites, but if it is not done right all your efforts will go to waste. Broken links or links leading to wrong pages can make the clients run away. Use quality backlinks on your website, blogs, posts, etc. and always keep on checking if the links are working properly within some intervals. If you are unable to create proper backlinks, you can also use the services of an SEO agency to do the task for you.
  • Short blog posts: Earlier the business blog posts used to be short and crisp. But now, it is a thing of the past. The long content in the blogs helps in using top seo training properly and get potential clients and visitors. The blogs should be properly managed and should be informative as it is difficult to get all the required information at one place.
  • Neglecting schema markups: The schema markups help in creating short snippets of the content that are understandable by the machine. They help in getting the right result for a particular search. Using schema markups on your website helps your law firm to be more competitive in the search results. You can create schema markups by various tools available online for the purpose.
  • Website loading speed: A lot of website owners don’t understand the importance of a site’s loading speed. But you can imagine that if you click on a website link and it takes hours to load a page, you are probably going to run away from that. The sites’ loading time can be affected by a lot of factors and it affects your Google ranking. Optimize your website properly, check its link for the speed on any online tool available on work on the speed of its loading every now and then. The faster your website loads, the better your website ranks.

Mobile-friendly: Mobile usage has increased to a greater degree these days. Everyone is on and running on mobile phones and check every online website on it as well. So when you are setting up a website, make sure that it is mobile friendly as it is the fastest way people use to reach you online. Take care of the designing of the website to be properly and clearly visible on mobile phones, create small sentences, use tags and meta-tags, create unique meta descriptions for your pages, etc. Test it and make it easy to use on mobile phones.

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