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According to a survey that was done in the US, roughly 43 million women have dyed their hair in the past six months. 

However, while having a huge array of hair color products, shade options, and viable techniques, it can become troublesome for the user to make their hair dye, that too on their own. 

It doesn’t really matter what shade you are thinking to apply to your hair, in order to get your desired results, you need to apply your hair color with such a technique that provides you with your desired results. 

This is why we have gathered some of the best tips and tricks for you, that will surely make your hair color stand out of the crowd, and would provide you with a profound experience. 

By having the best eye lightning drops, you surely can have your desired results. 

However here are some tips that you must consider in order to tint your 


Always Do a Patch Test:


While getting started with tinting your eyelashes, one must not forget to have a patch test beforehand.

According to professionals, a patch test must hold 48 hours before tinting your eyelashes. 

This is a practice that most of the salons perform, so now you know that you can’t simply skip this part. 


Remove All Makeup:

Remove All Makeup


First thing first, before getting started with tinting your eyelashes, one needs to make sure that she hasn’t got any makeup on her. 

One thing you also need to make sure of is that you can’t simply remove the makeup from your eyelashes by following regular makeup-removing methods. 

You need to use a lash cleaning foam or a makeup removal product, that suits best with your eyelashes and removes makeup within your eyelashes effectively. 


Use Vaseline:


Now, once you have eradicated all the makeup on your face, you need to apply vaseline, or either petroleum jelly on the skin on the eyelid, as well as the area under the eye. 

However, you need to make sure that the vaseline or petroleum jelly shouldn’t touch your eyelash hair. 

The reason we are urging you to follow this step is that it will make sure that your eyelid and skin under it keeps protected from getting staining from the dye color.  


Customize the Wand:


Lash tinting kits comes in handy with a wand, just like mascara. You need to adjust the wand accordingly so that it makes applying process easier for you, and provides you a profound experience. 

According to us, bending the wand to 90 degrees would provide you with the best results. 


Be Thorough:


While applying the dye with the help of the wand, one needs to be thorough. Dip the wand in the dye color to the fullest.

Then while applying it on your eyelashes you need to make sure that you rub the wand thoroughly above and under your eyelashes. 

According to us, if you wiggle your hand slightly while applying dye to your eyelashes, then you might get the results you have always desired. 


Set a Timer:


You need to have a stopwatch near you. Once you are done with dyeing your eyelashes, you need to start the timer. 

The timer will make sure that you leave your eyelashes for a certain period so that you get the best results. 

The more you leave your eyelashes idle, the more dark results you would be able to get. 


Target Those Tips:


Once, you are done with tinting your eye, now you need to target the tips of the lashes. Most people often don’t get their desired results because they don’t target the tips of their lashes. 

No matter how precisely you dye your lashes, the tips need to be targeted separately to gain the results you have always wanted! 


Many ladies out there often feel trouble while tinting their lashes at their homes. This is due to the fact that they are not used to tinting their lashes on daily basis and secondly they aren’t professionals. 

However, considering these both mentioned facts, the tips and tricks we have provided to you above will surely prove to be fruitful for you and would provide you with a profound experience. 

What are you waiting for? Tint your lashes now! 

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