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Streaming has become a significant form of music consumption. As a result, artists perceive to use best promotion services getting their music added to a good playlist as a Holy Grail. However, musicians must leverage such a placement and position themselves for long term success. Artists can avoid a flash in the pan fame if they do so. Chris Robley of CD Baby gives details on how to achieve this goal.

Landing tracks on playlist placement is a great opportunity that artists should not misuse. Indeed, the followers of the playlist will discover the musicians, but that is not the end-game. The artists may also want to use playlist placement for the following purposes.

  • A social proof of their music’s appeal to help them get future placements
  • Deepen or establish a relationship with creators of the particular playlist with the intent of getting more playlist placements
  • An exciting news to share with fans

Surely, artists would want to spread the details of their playlist placements while showing appreciation for the achievement. Here are proper practices that can help musicians turn playlist placement into long-term streaming activities.

Show appreciation to the playlister

Artists who got their music added to playlists have to contact the playlister to say thanks directly. An email is an ideal option if the artists have direct contact. If not, a private message via the playlister’s social media profile becomes an alternative.

Playlist pinned at the top of Spotify profile

Artists who landed playlist placement should pin the playlist’s URL at the top of their Spotify for Artists account. A nice photo and caption attached to the link will attract the attention of their listeners. Besides, the musicians should inform the playlister about the pinned URL to get the person’s attention.

Share a screenshot

People quickly share news by posting screenshots. Fans can decipher if an artist has followed a Spotify playlist from a screenshot. However, artists should follow the playlist with their tracks before taking a screenshot. Following the playlist shows the followers that artists also love the song got the placement.

Use hi-res images of the playlist cover art

A large image of the Spotify playlist cover artwork will be more appealing to the audience than a screenshot. A blown-up thumbnail of the cover art would not be attractive too. Besides, the musicians are promoting the playlists. The images may be available for download on the playlister’s website, or the artists may request them.

Share the news on social media

Artists can direct their fans to the playlists where their music appears by posting the links on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With appropriate tags, the shared news can reach more audiences.

Website and newsletter

Artists can add a list of playlists where their songs appeared with links on their websites and newsletters. They will probably copy and paste as the list of playlists gets longer.

Satisfy the demand

Musicians who want to get more playlist placements have to find out the type of music the curators need. Then, they should record the same. It would gain them long-term streaming activity.

High-profile playlist placements can improve the reputation of artists. Adding these playlists to notable achievements on their website and artist bio can be beneficial. A playlist placement helps artists grow their listeners. Fortunately, it can help their music have a long-term success if adequately handled.

Updates of Singles on Spotify

Spotify continues to update its features and introduce new beneficial tools to both the creators and the listeners. Some new features take time in order to be completely perfect, so that is why Spotify may spend years developing the concept. It may be hard to catch up with all the new updates, but as an artist, you should be up to date. Since 2016, Spotify has been cooperating with artists to record two tracks of “Spotify Singles,” and a while ago, the platform announced the milestone of the series. 

To date, more than 630 audio tracks have been released, and more than 5 billion streams have been generated. It is an enormous number and a big achievement. On average, it is more than 7.9 million video streams per person. 

Post Malone and Bob Dylan are the most covered artists in the program, which asks musicians to record once more one of their own songs and then have another musician cover one of their favorites.

The figures highlight how the concept of exclusivity in music streaming has evolved since the days when specific tunes and albums could only be found on a single DSP. Although the entire archive is now available everywhere, many services focus on live sessions and video content as their proprietary content.

Spotify is not stopping to surprise the users of the platform. It is not a secret that currently, it is one of the biggest and most famous platforms, and with such a vision, they have more height to conquer. In order to keep the high position, the platform has to always develop and introduce new features. So in the future, we should wait for more updates and pleasant surprises. 

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