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7 Evan Marc Katz Dating Tips You Should Remember7 Evan Marc Katz Dating Tips You Should Remember

Billed as a personal trainer for smart, strong, successful women, dating coach Evan Marc Katz has helped many clients understand men. With his knowledge, his followers were able to find love and maintain healthy relationships. 

In fact, many success stories detail how his advice helped them find a husband. Just like these women, you can finally find love and get married to the one! 

All you need to do is follow these dating tips straight from Evan Marc Katz himself!

Be Like an Ivy League School

In his Love U video coaching calls, Evan Marc Katz always reminds his customers to be like an Ivy League school.

So what does this mean?

Well, you should have high standards. You don’t have to date most of the guys online, but you need to consider a good deal of them. And, if you’re lucky enough to get some good candidates, you should add them to your account favorites list. 

As Evan Marc always says, without candidates, there are no dates. Without dates, there’s no relationship in the future. And without a relationship, you can’t build love. 

In essence, you need to keep your options open if you want to live your life with a special someone. 

Chemistry is Not the Only Important Thing

Evan Marc Katz has seen many customers who, in their pursuit of love, were all too eager to leave the important things behind simply because they have chemistry. 

While chemistry is a factor in a successful relationship, it shouldn’t be the only thing you should consider. 

For one, you should be aligned with your future partner. It’s good to share similar values and aspects with him. Chemistry will only take you a few months, but compatibility will last you for years. 

Don’t Ignore the Bad Qualities Just Because You Love Him

It’s easy to ignore your guy’s terrible tendencies, especially if it’s the best relationship you’ve had so far. You may end up marrying the man alright, but this also means that you have to live with these qualities for years.

That said, you shouldn’t disregard these negative qualities no matter how much you love the guy. If he’s unwilling to change — or at the very least, compromise — it’s a sign that you should move on and find another man. 

Be Real

You may be tempted to put up a facade, especially if you really love this guy. But while things may be smooth-sailing at first, they may harm you in the long run.

According to the blog of love expert Evan Marc Katz, it’s important to be authentic. You don’t want a guy to fall in love with you for your fake qualities. You won’t be able to keep this up forever, so it’s better to be real right at the very beginning. 

Don’t Be a Relationship Martyr

Many women are attracted to alpha men — a person who has money, power, career, and the whole shebang. While loving this man is exciting at first, it often leads to heartbreaks in the end.

Remember, relationships are about finding a man who’s worth the sacrifices. But this does not mean that you should always be giving way just because he disagrees. 

Attraction matters. But as dating coach Evan Marc Katz puts it in his podcast, it’s how you both compromise that’s more important. 

Don’t Waste Your Time on the Wrong Person

Many single women often find themselves head over heels over the ‘bad’ men. They may be exciting in a lot of ways, but never with relationships. 

As online dating coach Evan Marc Katz mentions in his blog, stop brooding over these men! They are selfish, immature, and emotionally unavailable. Don’t try to understand men like these because it’s impossible. 

While it’s hard to walk away from a gorgeous guy, it’s essential if you want to be in a healthy partnership. Even if you’re wife material, he won’t marry you. 

Don’t waste your prime years on him. Remove him from your life right now! 

Have Fun With Him!

Every woman wants to get married and have children. But if this is the only thing you think about while you’re going about, you won’t find your soulmate no matter how hard you try.

Understand that men can smell this sort of desperation from you. Unfortunately, this makes them feel pressured. This is why some of your dates make a run for the hills. 

While it’s normal to think of the future, Evan Marc Katz emphasizes the need to savor the present. That means having as much fun as you can in your life. 

Not only is this healthy, but it can help you attract love even more. 

Even in this age of casual dating, you can still find your future partner. As long as you follow these tips by Evan Marc Katz, you can date your way to a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

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