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From giving interviews on a new job opening to asking for your favorite food to exploring new places and making new connections, there are a lot more things you can do on foreign land. But, all in vain, because you can’t speak their language.

Well, the advantage of learning different languages is mushrooming as people now have become more globalized, and being bilingualism is the only skill that helps. Studying another language is all about learning how to connect and communicate with others.

Further being able to communicate in another language apart from the native language has become extremely beneficial. But, with so many different languages, how do you know which one you should learn? Here are the top foreign languages you need to learn this year:


Whether you are in Canada, Morocco, Switzerland, France, or any other Russian country, French is the most common language to be spoken there. You can call it as a language of international relations and the best thing- you will have ‘Je ne sais’ pas factor or the indistinct factor that foreign companies look. Participate in language courses offered by universities or institutes.

Summer language camps or Homestay programs to learn French easily. Whether you want to learn French phrases or it’s just the basic terminologies, enroll in the learning courses, and learn with ease.


Ziplining on the rainforest, sunbathing on the sun-kissed coasts and awing at the Machu Picchu in Spain, you can do all this if you know Spanish. Spanish is the second most popular language to be spoken in the world. Although it is difficult to learn, language experts rank it as one of the easiest languages that English learners can learn.


Although German is the official language of six countries (Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Germany), it is also the native language of 100 million people around the world. You can call it as a language of music and art. you can enroll in university courses, language schools, short- term courses or learning programs to learn the German language.


Japanese is the ninth most popular and spoken language, spoken by 128 million people around the world. You can call it as a gateway language to many other Asian languages. Further, Japan is isolated with much of history and cultural differences, and learning about them will open your mind. Besides, it gives opportunities to build relations with partners, potential customers, business partners, and vendors that will help you in business growth.


The language of classical music, Romeo and Juliet, art, fashion, dishes, and culinary is what Italian is all about. While it’s difficult to learn, the phonetic sounds and the verb tenses that resemble English will make it easy to learn.

It’s the fourth most spoken language; you can call it a gateway to your business. Furthermore, Italy is skyrocketing as one of the top economic places in the world, with many companies doing business in the country.

Mandarin Chinese:

Learning Mandarin is one of the best things you can do to take your business to new heights. China is the world’s largest trading nation with people around the world doing businesses. It is the most spoken language and the second most languages to be used for business purposes.


Do you know which foreign language will give you the most job opportunities, it’s Arabic! If you are interested in diplomacy, business opportunities, intelligence work, and more, Arabic are what you need to learn. It is the fifth most powerful language in the world and will keep on rising with the rising trade.

So, those were some of the most popular languages you need to learn when travelling to a foreign land! 




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