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WoW has certainly worked a significant part in forming the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) genre. Holding its title as the best MMORPG game for over ten years old now, and numerous imitators have gone back and forth. Surprisingly, the World of Warcraft hasn’t lost its appeal. In fact, many enthusiastic fans, despite new game releases this 2020, are signing in consistently to get to the tremendous open universes. Gamers worldwide are still addicted to pumping up their characters, with the help of WoW Classic Gold. It’s a demonstration of Blizzard’s execution, which relatively few engineers have figured out how to accomplish. While it’s challenging to substitute WoW, a few different games have recently been developed that offer nearly a similar idea. So on the off chance that you are watching out for specific other options, we’ve curated an incredible rundown of games that you can explore rather – here are our top picks:


TERA goes into our list as another free MMORPG game developed by Bluehole Studio Inc. Truly, Bluehole is a similar studio that is liable for creating the uncontrollably famous Battle Royale game – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. I am sure you more likely than not knew about it. TERA is an outstanding game that is profoundly motivated by WoW. In any case, I can’t generally consider it a total duplicate since TERA uniquely has its turns and modification on the game concept.

TERA has more than 80 areas or zones which are carefully planned with perfect visuals. It’s one of those online games that will really cause you to feel and think like you are inside the game. You get the opportunity to pick on twelve playable class and seven race in exploring the open world and its prisons. It additionally has a Player vs Player (PVP) mode, which is topping the list of the best in the MMO world. The best thing about this game is that you don’t have to spend any penny to experience the thrill of it since you can download it for free.

Blade Edge and Soul 

Blade Edge and Soul is a free to play MMORPG which looks and feels precisely like the World of Warcraft, if worse. The visuals and ongoing interaction style are so like World of Warcraft that it’s prevalently known as the Korean rendition of WoW. The game has two playable groups called Cerulean Order and Crimson Legion, who battle against one another. 


Blade and Soul have everything from various missions to a massive open-world standing by to explore. The best thing that sets Blade and Soul among other games and even the World of Warcraft is its free to play feature. You can download and install the game software for free online. Indeed, there are some paid components in the game, yet they won’t influence the general interactivity. You can also go through the internet to study the game. 


The game is about a third-individual shooter that is extraordinary and unique in its particular manner. While remaining consistent with MMO’s classification, Warframe figures out how to offer a memorable MMO experience like you never saw or experienced in the past.

Warframe allows you to control warriors of different ancient races who have factions and will have a war with different groups. It’s center centered activity ongoing interaction gives it a unique activity title in this rundown. There’s a considerable amount of various characters to look over, and every one of it has their one of a kind capacities. Truly, Warframe could not seem to be like an ideal WoW elective, yet it’s an incredible game to explore in case you’re willing to sign off or take a break WoW. 


Rift is unquestionably considered an intriguing MMOs out there, and it offers a ton of highlights and devices that may be the possible WoW executioner in a few years. It’s as yet considered a part of the greatest MMOs ever created since it has applied all the good parts of Massively Multiplayer Online games and blended them together to an energizing game that enamors any individual who gives it a shot. The battle game has two groups which have a steady war against one another, and you should be helping your allied group to win the war. It’s like all different MMORPGs with boosting characters, building gears and asset gathering. Besides that, you should effectively search for Rifts on the planet and make sure to close them before adversaries begin spilling out of it.

Elder Scrolls Online 

The Elder Scrolls game doesn’t need any more introduction for avid gamers, isn’t that right? That is to say, and it’s a game that has been ruling the RPG type games throughout recent years. The Elder Scrolls Online is the same as its offline version but on an improved version since you can interact with various gamers across the globe through the internet. It’s a dream game that draws motivation from multiple universes. Elder Scrolls Online happens on the mainland of Tamriel, where you, as a player, will get the chance to decide to be a piece of the three groups. 

You may not see Elder Scrolls Online as a total option in contrast to World of Warcraft, yet there’s a ton of adventure in the realm of Elder Scrolls Online, and it’s outstanding amongst other multiplayer games to test. The game at first got a ton of blended audits. Though you have to pay 59.99$ to STEAM in order for you to experience the game, the great part is, the creators of the game have been working superbly to keep the game refreshed with new elements and that’s worth the price.

Age of Conan 

In an event where you are searching for some free Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that’s a lot like WoW, Age of Conan is ideal for you. The gameplay is approximately enlivened by the books of a similar name. Nonetheless, the Age of Conan is an immediate opponent to World of Warcraft games and offers related ongoing interaction components. You have the ability to pick your preferred class with novel qualities and capacities, investigate the colossal world, complete journeys, assemble assets, and redesign your character’s aptitudes and gear. You are allowed to pick your own predetermination in this stunning game. Lead an existence of a magician or a subtle professional killer, and everything relies upon your preferences. Adventure awaits on the legend of Conan with this stunning game presentation and visuals.

Way of Exile 

Way of Exile left its open beta stage back in October 2013 and immediately turned into a mainstream MMORPG title that everyone needed to play. It’s set in the obscure dreamland of Wraeclast, and it’s structured around a robust online thing economy, an exciting PvP mode, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

You start your excursion in Path of Exile in an obscure world and attempt to investigate huge zones which incorporate however are not constrained to prisons and beast invaded caverns. Your goal is to fend off beasts and other dim powers to gather experience focuses. You can decide to either collaborate with different players or go solo on a maverick strategic. The game is totally allowed to play and you don’t need to utilize any cash to increase an edge over different players. Way of Exile is also a free to play game, you just have to go to their site and download the game itself.


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