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Email marketing is one of the most influential and ever-used approaches to drive customers to your website. Due to the overuse of this technology, the impact of emails is getting affected. People open only those emails that they feel have the potential to take their business to the next level. 

As per the statistics, it is found that 53% of the marketers are facing a struggle with the email click-through rate.  

Now the point is how to list your email in the top searches. Well! Creating effective emails is not rocket science. If you frame the content with proper planning and represent it in an engaging way, then you can effortlessly boost the performance of your email click-through rate. 

Now, you might be wondering about how? To get an answer to this question, make sure you follow these tips. 

Tips to improve the performance of emails 

Let’s get started… 

Add animated videos to get attention

Animated videos can be the game-changer for your email marketing campaign. By sharing stunning explainer videos in your emails, you can easily capture the reader’s eye and engage them to make a click. 

As per the statistics, emails that include videos see a 13% increase in their open rates. In Fact, videos in emails can help you explain complex concepts in a short and crisp way. Thus, make sure you utilize visuals in emails effectively. 

Incorporate appealing CTA’s 

CTA is another important element that can either make or break your email. CTA (Call to action) is basically a button or a text link that takes the viewer to the website landing page. 

By adding the right CTA at the right place, you can easily inspire your audience to pull the handle of the door; here, doors stand for an email. It can be achieved if you plan for your email layout. 

I would recommend you place the CTA in such a way that it is clearly visible to the audience. Moreover, if you want to maximize the subscriber base in your email, then you can apply a fixed CTA. Thus, make sure you focus on the designing and placement of CTA in your email to make it more productive.

Nail the email subject line

One of the other ways to ensure that your email goes well is by testing the subject lines. Do you know that the click-through rate of an email directly depends on what you offer to the audience? And it can only be viewed through the email subject line. 

Thus, whenever you create an email subject line, make sure it is aligned with the text and headline so that the audience can understand what the entire email stands for. Having an appealing subject line will surely raise curiosity among the audience and inspire them to open your emails and read the content. 

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Create a small and personalized message

Personalizing the emails is another way to capture quality leads. One of the basic forms of personalization is addressing the subscriber with their first name in the email content. 

Just think of an email that makes you feel appealing. I am sure it might include your name. This same happens with everyone. If your emails have the feeling of alienation, then it will surely encourage the audience to make a click.

Once you have the details for your customers or target audience, then you can send automated emails to them in a personalized way. And to get that information, you can email signup forms, correct subscribers’ data, and send them relevant emails. It will surely help you get effective results. 

Maintain a consistent layout 

Whenever you create an email, try to follow the F-layout as that’s how people read your emails. Try adding important information in the front area. Design your emails according to the individuals who quickly decide whether the respective email is helpful to them or not. Once you plan your email layout well, then you can easily get readers more aligned with your emails. 

From my personal experience, I would recommend you to go with a single-column layout as it gives more clarity to the readers. Say if your email has a lot of content, then probably you can choose a multi-column layout. Thus, if you want your emails to perform better, then make sure you focus on their layout. 

Try to give a social sharing option

Another tip that can help you get more responses to your emails is giving social sharing options. For that, you can incorporate infographic content or social media buttons.

According to the statistics, it is found that emails having social sharing options increase the clickthrough rate by 158%.

Besides improving the clickthrough rate of your emails, you will also see a good amount of organic traffic to your social media platforms. 

Don’t miss testing send time

Last but not least, a tip that can help you improve your email click through rate is testing the send time of emails. This tip will help you figure out the best time to get the highest number of clicks on your emails. 

To sort these things, you can make the best use of intelligent timed sending features as it will help you in sending the emails to the individuals when they are most likely to engage and open. 

In a Nutshell 

Emails can do wonders if they are framed in an appropriate way. Indeed, there are tremendous ways to optimize the emails, but hopefully, the above tips will surely allow you to get the email content more professionally. 

So, what are you looking for? Start making your email campaign successful and see tremendous growth in your clickthrough rate. If you still face any challenges, do share in the comments below. 

Happy email marketing!

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