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Drink Water Benefits- Skin, Health & Body

Water is Life! Water is a necessity for survival. You must have gone through these lines many times and know how water plays an important role in our lives, since childhood. Water is not simply an element to survive or sustain, it has been proved since ancient times that how water played a magnificent role in evolving life and impacting the ecosystem. In order to spread awareness UN created events like world water day and earth day to spread awareness in form of earth day quotes and water day quotes on social media. Today we share world water day slogans to spread awareness to conserve water but do you know why water is so important? It is obvious that without water we can’t survive, but the definite reason is water sustains life. Therefore it is connected intricately with every living being. Today you must know the reason behind why you should drink water more often? This article talks about drinking water’s benefits and its impact of it on our overall well being.

Drinking water has a lot of health benefits, be it, in diet, skincare or overall well being. If you know drinking water should be an important part of your health regime, then you should have followed or maybe you are looking for more inspiration to follow? This article will help you to be inspired. Let’s jump to reasons you should drink water more often.

#Moisturizes the Skin

Water’s essential role is to hydrate your body and keep you hydrated. When the amount of water is balanced inside the body, your skin automatically gets hydrated and prevents skin from getting dry. Hence, when you increase the amount of water consumption, your skin gets moisturized. People with dry skin issues need to keep drinking water every hour without fail.

#Helps in Digestion

Water helps in the digestion process and helps the kidney to function properly. It eradicates waste and toxins from the kidney and carries the important nutrients to the other parts of the body. Whatever we eat fibres, proteins and carbs, we need water to smoothly carry out the digestion part so that we don’t fall into the trap of stomach disorders.

#Drinking Water Helps Weight Loss

When you know to drink water properly at the proper time. Like drink water 30 minutes before a meal and you will see the difference in your weight. Also, do not consume fluid while having your meal or immediately after having a meal this will slow the process of digestion and hence slower the process of weight loss.  Plus drinking water keeps your stomach full and prevents you from binge eating.

#Boosts Energy

Water is not just required for the body to work properly but also our brain needs water to function properly. The brain is composed of fluid and it takes water to function essentially. Mild dehydration can cause fluctuations in energy levels and impact moods and affects the performance of memory and concentration. Fluid loss can take place depending on your daily activities and hence, it is important to keep drinking water more and make a habit of drinking water in small intervals so that your energy level is maintained throughout the day.

#Avoids Headaches

Has anyone told you, to drink water, whenever you have mild or intense headaches? Drinking water helps in preventing headaches. If you are suffering from dehydration, probably you might be suffering from headaches. Even in migraine, drinking water is recommended so that it helps in easing the inflammation caused by headaches. Hyperacidity takes place when you don’t drink enough water leading to indigestion thereby causing headaches due to hyperacidity.

#Decreases the Risk of Heart Attacks

The habit of drinking before sleeping at night or going to bed can help in preventing heart attacks. The water that goes inside the body helps in levelling out blood throughout the body. You tend to avoid drinking water at night because you think this will take you to the bathroom frequently, but that’s not the case always. If you pee before going to bed and drink water, chances are that you might need to go to the bathroom, since while you are asleep, your body balances the fluid.

#Lowers Blood Pressure

Blood is thick in density and needs to flow throughout the body smoothly and water is an essential component for blood to reach out to different parts of the body. If you have blood pressure issues or your blood pressure is elevated in between then you must keep drinking water enough so that your blood flow is regularised. Dehydration can put more pressure on arteries leading to elevated blood pressure. Drinking a minimum of 2-3 litres of water can help to control blood pressure without overdoing your liquid intake.

Well, these are the reasons why you need to drink water more often from now onwards. You can download and set up a drinking water app as a reminder to drink water. A small tip about drinking water, if you don’t like the taste of water or don’t feel like drinking water at all, you can add flavours of your choice to it to make drinking water easier. By flavours means cucumber or mint leaves or orange. Try them and see the difference in your health in less than a week.

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