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With the growth of the cannabis industry comes an inevitable need to create new sectors and additional job opportunities to better satisfy consumers. Cannabis is a profitable trade thus; it is no wonder that it has been attracting more entrepreneurs and workforce. Experts envisage the industry value to amount to roughly USD 90.5 billion in 2026. These facts coupled with the numerous, scientifically proven benefits of cannabis have prompted many inventive people to leveraged the legalization of cannabis in most states. 

Of course, there are hurdles you need to jump before you finally get the best of the cannabis world. With the right skills and mindset, you can easily make money from any of these lucrative cannabis jobs.

Open a Dispensary

 A cannabis dispensary is a licensed shop that sells cannabis products either for medical or recreational purposes. While medical dispensaries are usually government-regulated, Recreational ones can be operated by an individual and it is only legal in a few states. It is safer for entrepreneurs to check the legal requirements first before setting up a dispensary. The success of any dispensary depends on its products, location, and compliance with state laws. For better management, you should have an id scanner for dispensaries at your disposal. 

Grow cannabis yourself 

If you enjoy tending to a garden, you can decide to grow weed by yourself. Weed is a far cry from regular plants as they require more care, proper lighting, and specific amounts of water. The crops you grow can be sold legally; to the public directly or to dispensaries, used to make edibles, and much more.

Provide services to cannabis-based business

The cannabis industry is more than just growing weed, extracting, or selling them. There are certain services needed for the successful operation of a cannabis business. This way, the Cannabis industry is interconnected with other industries. As a specialist in a completely different field, you can still make money from cannabis. Cannabis delivery services for one caters a lot to the needs of the industry. Without delivery service, safe and swift deliveries to consumers would be almost impossible. From financial services, digital software solutions, payments processing, and logistics. Cannabis companies need business services for their operations to function. Of course, there are already prominent companies providing these services to businesses in other industries but many are reluctant to get involved with a controversial commodity like cannabis

Produce Cannabis accessories, edibles, CBD products

Are you an artist or a huge lover of art that wishes to earn from the industry? consider making your very own cannabis accessories. Also, rather than smoking out of a pipe or bong to get cannabis into the system, edibles can be consumed discreetly. Plus, they are undeniably delicious.  Cannabis manufacturing jobs offer numerous opportunities to enter the market either by concocting edibles, oils, concentrates, and other items.

The good news, there are other ways you can profit from the industry without even having to touch a marijuana plant.

Weed-friendly shows or podcast

The entire world is online and they can’t wait to hear the opinions your opinions about cannabis and other related topics. Nowadays, many people have gotten creative with some shows focusing on marijuana policy, investigative travel shows about marijuana, and other marijuana cultures among consumers. There is no limit to how creative you can get.

Become a Writer Or Reviewer

Cannabis lovers and potential customers usually turn to online sites for reviews or recommendations before buying a product or visiting a particular dispensary. It’s time to monetize your talent by writing enlightening articles and reviews about the different strains, products, amongst other weed-related information.

Invest in the market

In the U.S and other countries, some marijuana companies are now listed on major stock exchanges. You have an opportunity to put money in this industry and reap huge benefits later on without any direct involvement. However, put into consideration the risks associated with investing, as stocks could easily dip.

Is the cannabis industry right for you?

Remember, operating your own weed business or dispensary can be extremely profitable but the risk is just not for everyone. Like every other business, a lack of proper knowledge or exercise of care while investing in the cannabis industry may lead to failure. Hence, conduct due diligence before venturing into any of these businesses or jobs. Before making your decision, you should also speak with a lawyer to better understand the federal and state laws governing the use, sale, and production of cannabis and marijuana-based products

The industry is a delicate one, still full of legal incongruities and stigma. Think outside the box, The cannabis industry is a goldmine of opportunities waiting to be explored as there are endless things you can use cannabis for.

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