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7 Soul Touching Birthday Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend are you searching for Soul Touching Birthday Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend then you are right place done. It is not even a secret when we say that your partner is probably the most important person in your life – the one with whom you are going to live all your life, the one with whom you are going to share everything. So, when your girlfriend’s birthday is near, don’t you think it is time to make it more special, because, after all, it is her special day? Given below are some of the simplest and yet the most effective birthday gift ideas that you can incorporate in the celebrations of your girlfriend’s birthday. Formal Dinner Party with her Parents: 7 Soul Touching Birthday Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend One of the most adorable gift that you can give to your girlfriend is the quality time with her parents as well as you- both at the same time. How, you would ask? By arranging for a formal dinner party with her parents. Contact them both individually, without letting her know all about this and ask them to give her a surprise on her birthday. You guys can coordinate and host the dinner party at her place or even book her favorite restaurant. Trust us when we say that it is one of the best birthday gift ideas ever. Horse Riding: 7 Soul Touching Birthday Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend1 A horse ride can be romantic, beautiful and can be adventurous, risky – all in one! It sure as hell poses to e a very versatile birthday gift. You can take her for a horse ride, especially if she loves to experience such adventures, and that too, in a romantic way. The phenomenal horse ride would do even better if it is planned in a hilly area. The beauty of this place would hike the experience of horse riding in a huge manner. Spend Time with Her Grandparent’s Place:

Spend Time with Her Grandparent’s Place
Spend Time with Her Grandparent’s Place

Keeping your girlfriend is the motive you have. If she is close to her grandparents and has been staying away from them for a long time, it is time that you take her to meet them. Spend the entire day with them so that you learn a little bit more about her family background and culture. Together, you can also go out for hunting, fishing or even outdoor picnic.Getting to know her parents might be common but getting to know her grandparents as well would make her fall in love with you more.
Sing for Her:

Singing for her can mean the world to her! Girls love it when their boyfriends sing for them. Send her a voice clip of a song sung by you, right at 12 AM. Make sure you are not copying any other artists, in case you are sending an original composition. You can also perform for her in front of her when you meet her the next day on her special day. She will love you for this surprise!
Give Choice list of Bottle:
You can send flowers to Spain to your girlfriend, you can send flowers to Croatia, but it won’t matter when you can do much better for her birthday gift. Wish bottles are something which were used by the sailors, in earlier times, to convey their messages to their families. But, the trend was picked by so many people that, now days, everyone uses these bottles to get their wishes fulfilled. It is actually believed that writing your wish on a piece of paper that is embedded within your bottle would actually fulfill your wish. So, all you have to do is get one of these wish bottles and gift it to your girlfriend, telling her to fill it up with her wishes. Then, you will ask it back and try to fulfill each and every one of them that there are. It is very romantic, isn’t it?
Propose Her:

Propose Her
Propose Her

The purest form of gift is to propose her. Go old-school by just kneeling down right in front of her and giving a soulful propose with a nice little ring for her. This may sound awkward, or even weird, but if it really goes well, or just as planned, then the moment will be memorable, for you as well as for her. Do give it a try! Who knows, she is already in love with you and is expecting something special from you this time.
Introduce Her to your Parents:

The best thing you can do for her is introducing her to your parents. It is a sign of your commitment, it tells that you are very committed and serious in your relationship, and that is exactly what the girl wishes. Prepare her favorite food at home and let her feel blissed and pleasant by meeting your parents. If you want her as a wife in the near future, do hint your parents about it, so that they treat her with even more love and respect at your home. Make her birthday more special by gifting this promise of commitment, in an indirect, subtle way.
So, there you have it – these are some of the most soul touching, heartfelt, beautiful birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend’s special day. Since it is her special day, it is your duty to make her feel special, and this can be done by using some of the gift ideas given above. The best way to understand which gift is suitable is to find out what is actually her current desire –if you find that out, the work of gifts is half
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