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7 Symptoms of Poor Air Duct Maintenance

Sometimes we forget to take little care of the most important things until the worst happens. Our air conditioning system is one of them, and the air duct is the infrastructure of this system.

Have you noticed the layer of dust accumulates on the air vents? You have not checked it yet in a while. This poor maintenance of the air duct can cause the HVAC process’s maximum efficiency and indoor air with dust and contaminants. Over time, you have to suffer costly repairing air ducts.

Some symptoms around your home silently push you to clean the air duct right away. To know these, let’s go through the article.

Symptoms That Indicate Poor Air Duct Maintenance

Visible Dust Layer

It is easy to understand whether your air ducts are cleaned or not. Even by merely looking, you can realize that. When the air ducts are dirty, the vents will be dirty. The air circulating through the ducts, so the dirty duct must provide the air with lots of dust and debris.

If the vents puff dust clouds like smoke, it indicates the ductwork containing a large amount of dust with air. That is the time to contact HVAC professionals to know the actual condition of the air duct. 

Clogged Filter

Try to remember when you change the air filter last? A long time passed? So don’t be late anymore. Check your air filter. If the filter is saturated, it means your air duct is in poor maintenance.

As homeowners want clean and healthy air, you should change the filter once a month. It assures the indoor air quality is better. A clogged air filter can cause wastage of your penny to repair or clean the air duct. The 14x14x1 air filters are designed to fit in your standard-sized air ducts. They provide a high level of filtration, ensuring that your indoor air is clean and healthy.

If there is anyone that smokes in your home, change the filter frequently to get healthy air.

After all, it is a crucial part to keep the proper air duct maintenance.

Uncomfortable Temperature

The uncontrolled room temperature is the sign that your air ducts need maintenance. When you have not got the perfect temperatures, make sure the HVAC system either works or not efficiently. Undoubtedly, call the trained person to solve the problem.

Mold Growth

Most of the time, we do not care about the presence of moisture in the ducts. If you see mold around the vents or even in the air ducts, it’s not a good sign for the air conditioning system. Mold in the ducts or your home can cause serious illness for people suffering from respiratory problems. 

The home should keep dry to inhibit mold growth. If the air duct moisturized or leaked or even the home humidity is more, it creates difficulties. 

Dusty Air Conditioning Coil

Isn’t it easier to clean the air duct than repairing? Even regular cleaning saves you from the extra expenses. When you find the dust cover in an air conditioning coil, you need to clean the low maintenance air ducts immediately.

Health Problem

You or your family members are getting sick frequently; maybe the air duct under poor maintenance. The contaminated air duct can expand the risk of sickness. The sinus, asthma, sneezing, cough, allergy, and respiratory problem mean the indoor air quality is unsatisfied.

For cleaning the air duct, a professional air duct cleaning service is the best way. If the air duct is not well conditioned, it facilitates polluted air to breathe. Ultimately, you have to suffer a lot.

High Energy Bill

Any flaw in the air duct affects the efficiency of the total air conditioning system. It reduces the heating or cooling rate in your home noticeably. That can lead to a monthly high energy bill. Do you prefer that? Not. 

The proper cleanup and routine inspection ensure the desired performance of the air duct. You will get a properly functioning HVAC system. A large number of air duct cleaning companies around us reach for any of them for the services.

Pro tips to maintaining your air duct

You must be tricky to avoid unwanted problems related to the air duct. You may follow these.

  • Clean all vents, coil, and blower motor of the duct.
  • Try to reduce the excess moisture at home.
  • Contact professional one for inspection
  • Replace the filter monthly 
  • Clean out dust from the furniture, carpets, and other stuff.

Final verdict

The air duct performs a crucial job at our home. The irregular monitoring air duct pulls you to numerous problems. For getting better service and long-lasting, it requires regular maintenance timely.

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