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Diamonds are beautiful but expensive. Therefore, you need to exercise some extra care when buying one. Although diamond rings are particularly associated with a marriage proposal, and those pink diamond wedding rings have indeed grown more and more popular as years pass, however, you can always give them as a gift to your loved ones. For instance, you can give a diamond ring to someone as a birthday gift or you can buy one for your wife as an anniversary present, as so on and so forth. Nonetheless, care is recommended when you make your mind to purchase a diamond ring.

This article discusses seven important things that you need to keep in mind and follow when buying a diamond ring.


A diamond is real or fake is the biggest confusion that we face when we purchase one. To eliminate such confusion, you should always ask for certification from the sellers. All the real diamonds are certified in terms of their grades. So, a certification of a reliable lab should be demanded to be sure that you are paying for a real diamond.


We have already accepted the reality that diamonds are expensive. They can cost you a good fortune, therefore, you should be careful about the price when you are out to get one. Never overspend to buy a diamond rather always exercise moderateness and save yourself from overdoing. You don’t always need to buy a grade 5 diamond unless you have a lot of extra money in your bank account.


The shape of the diamond has a direct impact on the beauty of your ring. Diamonds are usually cut into pear shape or a square and sometimes in an oval shape as well. Each style has a different impact on the outlook of your ring. For instance, pear shape has this tendency to make your diamond ring look bigger than usual. Similarly, other shapes have other added aspects and benefits. So, carefully select the shape of the diamond before purchasing the diamond ring.


This is the most important aspect which you need to keep in mind when purchasing a diamond ring. The carat of your diamond ring determines the size of the diamond. More the carats, costlier the ring will be. However, if you buy a ring of low carat, that might disappoint your loved one to whom you are giving it to. So, be moderate with the carats of your diamond ring to get your hands on a good-sized diamond without indulging in overspending.


Have you ever wondered why different diamonds glow in different colors under the light? Some exhibit a white shade while others produce a blue or green shade. These varying shades are different gradients which different qualities of diamonds exhibit. The element of fluorescence can either add beauty to your diamond or it could make it look hazy. Therefore, you should watch the gradient of your diamond under the UV lights and then decide if you wish to purchase it or not.


The size, style, and metal of the ring are often neglected when diamond rings are purchased. We do not blame anyone for it and that too for obvious reasons because diamond is the real attraction in a diamond ring after all. But you should also be particular about the size, shape, and metal of the ring carrying the diamond. Platinum rings are mostly preferred for the purpose but they can make things extremely costly. On the other hand, gold rings make an ill-advised combination with diamonds. So, if you cannot afford platinum, you can always get yourself a silver ring.


Do not simply flatten out on a diamond ring which you just saw somewhere in the market. Always roam around and get an estimate from different stores before finalizing the ring of your dreams. Compare the quality, price, and certification of various brands and then get one that suits best to your needs as well as to your budget.

The dos and don’ts are many when it comes to buying a diamond ring. But the price, the size, the shape, and the certification are the most important ones which you should always keep in mind when buying a diamond ring.

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