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Easy to drive with care

Most campervans can be driven with a B license just like any car. This is the case of cars available for sale in Southavenrv, therefore driving it is very similar to driving an SUV, with the only difference that its dimensions are larger.

What are the precautions we must take when driving a airstream motorhome? Well, mainly those related to its size. When maneuvering or parking, we must take into account that these are cars that are longer, wider, and taller than cars. Therefore, it is very important to be attentive to the various signs, especially the signs, to ensure sufficient clearance for our airstream motorhome to pass; and wide enough not to get stuck in a narrow street. Keep in mind that most of our cities have ancient origins, and the structure of its streets is narrow and chaotic. Don’t complicate your life and park in modern areas where the streets are wider. Don’t risk it because you might have a bad time!

When we are about to leave the place or, above all, when parking, it is also convenient that there is another person who can give us directions to avoid bumps or scratches.

And while driving, we will know its dimensions when cornering or cornering so as not to hit the back of the car.

 Leave high speed for chains

Although current legislation states that the maximum speed allowed for airstream motorhomes (up to 3.500 kg) is 120 km / h on motorways and motorways, and 90 km / h On normal roads, we advise you to take your time when you drive one of them. After all, as we said, this is a bigger car and more weight than a car, so drive with care is even more important.

I believe that the ride is part of the experience and therefore it is preferable to drive at a slower speed while enjoying the scenery. You will not regret it.

For the same reason, if you have designed a route for travel on holidays, when calculating driving times, do so based on the lower speed. And if you’re tired, you can always stop at the recreation area and take a break … after all, you take the house with you.

All passengers seated

Despite being towed at home, while traveling, passengers must behave like in any other vehicle, that is, they must circulate, taking their place and wearing a seat belt.

It is not allowed to travel while standing, lying on any of the available beds, or using the bathroom. And, of course, it is forbidden to walk in the cabin while the airstream motorhome is in motion. If we need to get up, we need a seasonal car.

 Learn to differentiate deposits so you don’t have problems

RVs have a fuel and water tank for showers, toilets, and sinks. On some models, the entrance to both tanks is close and can be confusing.

When you rent a car at Express RV, our staff is responsible for providing all relevant explanations about the vehicle, but even so, we must be careful when loading fuel or water to do so in the correct tank and do not get upset or end your vacation early.

 Know how to distinguish between parking and camping

RVs value the freedom they provide the most. We can travel without planning a route and stop overnight where we want at any time. But, is it possible to park and sleep somewhere?

We must lend special attention to specially protected areas Like beaches and cliffs where the Coastal Zone Act is in force and which contains specific provisions regarding parking; in National Parks where camping and, in many cases, overnight stays are prohibited; as well as in port facilities where special rules also apply. It is best to check with the authorities first, as in some of these places you can get a special permit from the authorities to stay overnight.

Emptying the water

During the process of emptying the water Both gray (those that come from the shower and sink) and black (chemical toilet) does this exclusively in places where it is possible, be it camping, mobile homes, or even at some gas stations and in supermarkets were of these services.

Remember, gray water contains dishwashing detergents and bath gels, while wastewater contains chemicals. Spilling them into places that are not permitted for this implies significant damage to the environment, in addition to the implementation of sanctions.

Watch the level indicators

RVs have panels where we can find out the water level in tanks, batteries, etc. Conveniently, we keep an eye on them so as not to run out of supplies at the most inopportune moment.

Usually, on these panels we can check the level of the clean water tank to see how much water we have left; gray, to know when we must empty it; and a battery, when we have solar panels, to see how much power we have left to power bulbs and 12-volt chargers (when we’re not plugged in).

Keep in mind that deposits are limited, therefore, when using water or a battery, we must be restrained. In the case of water, it is convenient to open the taps only when we need them, and in the case of a battery, we avoid connecting household appliances such as irons, hairdryers, or capsule coffee machines, for example.

By following all of these tips, you can enjoy some unforgettable vacations while touring different locations in your airstream motorhome. If you are thinking of renting one of these to live the experience, do not hesitate to contact Our staff will advise you on the models that best adapt to your needs and offer you all the advice you need so you can live your best adventure.

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