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7 Tips to Consider When Picking a Roof Walkway System7 Tips to Consider When Picking a Roof Walkway System

If you’re a construction or manufacturing company then you NEED a roof walkway system. Why? Working at height isn’t uncommon in these sectors. If your team need to access rooftop areas then roof walkways not only make this possible but also safer for your workers too. Aside from protecting your workers from slips and falls, they also protect your roof from traffic damage.

Are you wondering which roof walkway system to pick for your company? Every manufacturing or construction company is unique and roof walkway systems aren’t a one-size-fits-all. That’s why it’s important for you to pick the right walkway designed for your specific needs.

We’re here to give you a quick checklist to keep in mind when selecting a roof walkway. Ultimately, we want you to pick the right fit for your intended project and invest your money wisely.

1. Source from a Reputable Supplier

The first thing you need to do is select the right supplier. You’ll find multiple companies in Australia that specialise in roof access walkways. The trick is to source your product from a reputable company known to supply superior quality products. Remember that your workers’ lives are at risk here. And their safety will largely depend on the system you pick.

Do your research and shortlist a few companies. Read online reviews to establish what past customers have to say:

  • Were they happy with the product quality?
  • Is the company customer-orientated?
  • Does the supplier offer installation services or warranties on their products?

2. Check Material of Roof Walkway

After deciding on the supplier, you can zero-in on certain specifications of the roof walkway before making your pick. Start by checking the material used to construct the roof walkway.

Ideally you want a system that’s sturdy and safe enough to support the weight of your workers. At the same time, you want a system that doesn’t damage your roofing material in the long run. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the material used in the walkway’s construction.

To a large extent, the material determines the structure’s weight. Where possible, opt for roof walkways that are made of aluminium because it’s well known for its lightweight but surprisingly durable properties.

3. Check Nature of Roof Walkway Surface

Slips and falls are the main causes behind injuries associated with working at height. That’s why it’s important to check the surface of the roof walkway system you pick. Opt for a structure that has either a ribbed or grated surface. Some roof walkways feature a combination of both. Such surfaces are mostly non-slip and reduce the chances of slips and falls.

Of course, regardless of the surface type you pick, make sure that your workers wear the correct shoes for the task. Shoes that offer ample grip while working on the roof are highly recommended.

4. Check if Walkway Prevents Pooling of Water

Another reason why slips may occur is if water accumulates on your roof walkway system. It goes without saying how working on slippery roofs is extremely dangerous. That’s why you need to pick a system that’s designed to prevent water from pooling.

Consider picking a walkway that features an integrated drainage system to stop water from accumulating.

5. Check Design of Roof Walkway System

Check the design of the roof walkway system before making your pick. You have the option to buy a system with or without handrails and guardrails. We highly recommend that you opt to install these rails as an additional safety measure.

Find out if the contractor can install these rails for you. Also, make sure that the hand or guardrails used are designed to meet the necessary safety standards.

6. Insist on Professional Installation

Even if you purchase the best roof walkway system on the planet, the structure’s pretty much worthless if it isn’t installed properly. Engage the services of a professional contractor to guarantee correct installation. By correct installation we mean zero penetrations.

While roof walkways should be attached to roofs, they should in no way pierce them. Any form of piercing compromises the integrity of the roof and ultimately your workers’ safety. A skilled and qualified contractor knows this and uses the correct installation techniques to prevent associated risks.

7. Check Durability

At the end of the day you want a roof walkway that’s designed to last. Look for a durable system that won’t succumb to premature rust and corrosion. Bear in mind that given the nature of their location, they are exposed to imminent weather extremes. The last thing you need is to purchase a roof walkway that’ll deteriorate within a couple of years.

That rounds up the list of tips to keep in mind when picking a roof walkway system. We can’t overemphasise the need to buy your roof walkways from reputable and professional contractors. Such contractors are more likely to provide you with quality roof walkways that are tested to meet the required safety standards.

Are you now ready to make your pick and give yourself some peace of mind?

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