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Adapting to ever-changing trends, especially in lab grown diamond rings, is no secret. As your ultimate guide for jewellery shopping, we keep a close eye on the latest in fashion and the jewellery industry to ensure you are always in the know.

Engagement rings often bring to mind the timeless beauty of diamond solitaire rings. Beyond just weddings, they are perpetual trendsetters, leaving a lasting impression. While modern trends showcase couples leaning towards fancy center stones, flashy bands, and intricate designs, the enduring popularity and elegance of diamond solitaire rings steal the spotlight, standing the test of time with unchanging elements like diamond shapes and cuts.

Whether you are a bride seeking a fresh look, embracing a classic style, or simply indulging in a diamond treat, explore some of the most popular diamond shapes. Ayaani Diamonds, a renowned brand in the world of lab grown diamond jewellery, caters to all preferences with a stunning array of options.
Make a statement at your wedding or special event with 7 hottest shapes for solitaire diamond rings for women. Find your perfect match and shine on your special day!

7 In Vogue Shapes For Diamond Solitaire Rings In Coming Years 

  • Emerald Diamond Shape 

The emerald cut diamond shape is loved for its Art Deco style, giving off a subtle yet charming sparkle. It’s easily recognized by its open table, cropped corners, and rectangular step-cut, creating a beautiful hall-of-mirror effect. The adorned shape also has a clever way of making fingers appear longer and slimmer. This shape is a hit among jewellery lovers who appreciate a classic look with a touch of modern elegance, especially when it’s part of solitaire diamond ring designs.

  • Princess Diamond Shape

Every bride dreams of feeling like a princess on her big day, and the princess cut is perfect for achieving that fairytale look. This popular shape is a great choice for solitaire diamond rings for ladies who want a modern, geometric style while still sparkling with brilliance. If you’re aiming for a contemporary and dazzling appearance, the princess cut is the ideal pick to ensure you shine like royalty on your special day.

  • Brilliant Diamond Shape

About 75% of all diamond sales revolve around cherished round-cut diamonds, establishing them as the most coveted shape in the market, especially in the domain of solitaire diamond rings for ladies. This popularity is rooted in the round shape’s proficiency in maximizing a diamond’s brilliance through optimal light reflection. The saying holds true – you can’t beat the classic, and the brilliant round cut serves as proof of that. 

  • Oval Diamond Shape

The oval shape has become quite the trend lately, and if you have noticed a lot of oval-shaped rings, you are not alone. Celebrities flaunting this cut may be part of the reason for the growing demand for oval styles in solitaire diamond rings. What’s great about this shape is that it can have as many sparkling facets as a round-shaped diamond, making it just as dazzling. So, if you are into a shape that’s both trendy and sparkly, the oval is a fantastic choice for your solitaire diamond ring.

  • Marquise Diamond Shape

The marquise cut is famous for its royal vibe, resembling a football shape with a modified brilliant cut. Its long and narrow silhouette can create the illusion of a larger size and also make your fingers look more elongated. Choosing a marquise cut is a smart move if you want to maximize the perceived size due to its expansive surface area.

  • Cushion Diamond Shape

The cushion-cut diamond earns its name from a blend of square and rectangle cuts. What distinguishes it from squares and rectangles are its rounded corners, resembling a cozy pillow, and sometimes slightly sloped sides.  If you are considering a unique touch for your jewellery, especially in 1 carat solitaire diamond rings, the cushion cut brings a perfect combination of classic and contemporary style to your finger.

  • Pear Diamond Shape

Pear shape diamonds offer the perfect fusion of round and marquise shapes, featuring a tapered point on one end. Often referred to as teardrop, this cut is an ideal hybrid choice, particularly for those who appreciate vintage-inspired rings. If you are a bride who likes to set her own rules and believes that two is better than one, the pear diamond shape is tailor-made for you. 

How Diamond Solitaire Rings Shape Will Reflect Your Personal Style?

The shape of a diamond solitaire ring is the key element that not only enhances its visual appeal but also serves as a reflection of the wearer’s personal style. Each solitaire shape carries its own unique character, contributing to the overall aesthetic and symbolism of the ring.

For those inclined towards a classic and timeless look, a round solitaire shape may be the perfect choice. Its symmetry and brilliance reflect elegance and sophistication, capturing the essence of traditional beauty. On the other hand, individuals with a penchant for modernity might be drawn to the sharp angles and contemporary charm of a princess cut solitaire. This shape adds a touch of edge and fashion-forward flair to the ring, making a bold statement about the wearer’s style preferences.

Moreover, those who appreciate vintage charm may find themselves gravitating toward an emerald cut solitaire. This shape, characterized by its rectangular facets and open table, radiates a sense of old-world glamour and refinement. The choice of solitaire shapes, such as the exquisite designs offered by Ayaani Diamonds, a leading lab grown diamond jewellery brand becomes a personal expression, allowing individuals to communicate their unique tastes and style narratives through the timeless beauty of diamond solitaire rings.

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