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Who says no to a nice work from the home day with some personal time beyond distractions from other office chores. But what happens when this luxury of working from home extends to weeks to months?

Whether by choice or responding to the global pandemic, businesses across the globe are adopting remote work policies. While some employees have set up their mind for their personal productivity, there aren’t many resources that entirely focus on keeping teams motivated.

With that, here are some tricks that would help your teams stay focused and determined:

Schedule Everything- Meetings, Assignments, And Tasks:

Scheduling a few regular tasks will help you keep things sorted.  Keep a list of things ready on Monday and hold a sprint planning for a meeting. Pull out the list of tasks of your working team and plan how you will accomplish them in a week.  

This will also help you get updates and will give you a check on how everyone in the team is working. Set goals and tasks for the time that is achievable and manageable. 

This will ensure that your employees are working within schedules and are not rolling over incomplete tasks. So, structure your day and help your teams foster self-discipline.

Use Collaborative Tools:

Real-time collaborative tools like Bridge24 are great for collaborating with teams. With them, you can easily schedule appointments, assign live tasks, and run errands without missing any work.  

These tools make easy file sharing, video calling, integrations, and more in real-time. Follow progressions of leads, payouts, commissions, and more from a single dashboard.

Make Small And Track-Able Goals:

To make most out of your teams, create small and trackable goals, and bring them in practice. For teams, combine all the leads to identify your high and medium goals and empower your mates to achieve that goal. 

For this, you can use collaborative tools for Asana or for Trello and keep all tasks together in one place.  Setting small goals will help in two ways- one, they will show what your team is working on and also eliminate the ambiguity that occurs between the distributed teammates. Second, the tools will help you recognize your team’s accomplishments.

Manage Your Team’s Stress Level:

Stress can hinder your team’s productivity and can also affect the overall work. However, managing it can be quite challenging. So, try your best to ensure that your team is not overburdened. 

Encourage them to stick to their schedules and always find positive ways to resolve impromptu problems.

Be Available When Your Team Needs:

If there is the right person in your team, you will have people you can rely on and trust upon. Just give your team the objectives and deadlines, and the work will be done. 

Stop micromanaging, give your employees some time to breathe, and let them accomplish their tasks. Also, let them know that you are available for them, and they can come to you for any help and advice. Trust their independence and self-reliability if they are working from home.

Communication Is The Key:

While working-from-home give remote workers more freedom and accountability, it also makes day-to-day communications more difficult. So, always make time for team meetings. 

But, keep in mind to use these meetings as valuable time to share insights so that you don’t waste the time of your team. Also, don’t underestimate your employees on call and take the opportunity to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Dress To Work:

While procrastination can hit you quickly, dress like you are in the office and kick start your day with freshness. This will help you personify the work-from-home ethic. Avoid working in pajama and rolling off the bed.  Get up, take a shower, look clean, and dress to work.


If your team is working remotely and you want them to stay motivated, keep in mind the above tips, and increase the productivity of your team.

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