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The cake is an obsession with every kid. Kids love to enjoy cakes whenever they meet the chance. Summer holidays are on and moms are eagerly waiting for how to whip up the cake and cool down the summer’s hit. It’s a life celebration or simple celebration birthday cake delivery, is an integral subject. Your kid’s birthday is in summer or he/she wants to enjoy summer’s cake, here is the list of cool cakes. They are the tropical cakes invited to enjoy summer vacation for kids.

1] Chocolate Coffee Ice Cream Cake

Chocolate and coffee fusion is the most appreciated fusion of this era. a chocolate coffee ice crème cake tastes heavenly. Ice crème is a showstopper dessert in the summer season. On the other side, chocolate loved by all age. The decadent chocolate cake is nicely garnished with coffee ice crème. Sprinkle chocolate shredders on the top. A liquid ganache on the top gives a nice shiny effect on the cake. It is our advice to serve ice crème on the top only when kids are ready with spoons.

2] Fresh Tropical Fruits Cake

In the summer season, people look to a lightweight and healthy option. Delight the cake with fresh fruits. Try to beat the summer’s hit by including tropical fruits color in a cake. Use fresh strawberry, some orange slices, and some mangoes to garnish the cake. Use some fresh fruits jello shots, some fresh strawberry juices to blend in the whipping crème. The nice refreshing tropical fruits cake is a nice deal to celebrate the special occasion in summer.

3] Strawberry and Lemon Layer Cake

A light and refreshing taste of strawberry mousse are nicely embellished with lemon frosting pockets. Lemon has a good citric flavor while strawberry is a natural sweetener. It has a great balance of sour and sweet flavor. The whipped cheese crème is toast with roasted strawberries. Decorate the cake with sliced strawberry and lemon slices.

4] Pineapple Upside-Down Muffin Cakes

Crushed pineapple, brown sugar, and butter is nicely mixed and poured in the muffin pan. Some thick square pineapple slices are presses inside the batter. They are nicely baked in 360 degrees for 15 minutes. The quick and simple pineapple muffin cake is ready to serve on a dessert table. Fill crème cheese in the piping cone. Now garnish these muffins with lots of crème cheese and pineapple slices.

5] Patchwork Quilt Cake

Indulge into the finest cake moist with nice butter crème patchwork. Add some spring colors into butter crème to make a nice designer cake. The buttery frosting gives a nice mouth melting effect. You can use as many fruits to stick on the whipped buttercream. Add some strawberry jelly, pineapple jelly, and orange jelly to sandwich and make colorful layers.

6] Cherry Nut Cake

Cherry and nut cake is a popular cake made during the Christmas holidays. This is a very popular dish amongst children and kids really love to eat it. It has a good taste of crumbled cherries and crisps of nuts. The combination is really good. Use some cherry syrup to drip on the cake and sprinkle and garnish with sprinkled sugar.

7] Cherry Chocolate Chip Cake

This super delicious chocolate chip cake has a sour cherry filling inside and vanilla buttercream on the top. Each layer is a sandwich with frozen cherries and butter crème layer. The whole cake is then covered with buttercream to hide cherry inside. The decoration is satisfying; drip some chocolate syrup from the top layer of the cake. Then use the piping process, some chocolate chips and frozen cherries for garnishing.

And if you are not good at cooking, you can buy cake online and give a special treat to kids in the summer time.

Summertime is a good time to enjoy some fresh fruits and healthy recipes. We have tried and tested some of the favorite cakes and then use to mention it here in this article. Really they are tasting heavenly and help to cool down the summer’s heat. Make it at home simply using a recipe and give your kids the best treat to satisfy their cravings for cake. Get ready to get out your plates, cutlery, and cake knives before you dig into these delicious cakes.

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