Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

In this article, you will find the brightest anti-tips from web designers. If you apply them when designing your site, then he will take some kind of award for the worst design. Such a resource will perfectly fit into the picture of the outgoing year and complement it with its disgrace. It will take a lot of time and effort to implement all the points, which means it is almost impossible to create it!


We’ll start our review with a few simple tips for website design and layout:

Forget the weight of images and color combinations. You are probably rubbing your hands enough, it’s time to get started. Get rid of all the recommendations, make the site as heavy as possible. Upload photos that weigh more than 5 MB. Let the user spend a few minutes downloading the resource on cold evenings. And then a riot of colors will await him! Acid tones and flashy colors? Yes, that’s what you need. Confuse the client, disorient them, highlight each line of text with a new color.

Create the most sophisticated interface. Creativity is the key to success. If a programmer cooperates with you, then set a goal for him to create the most interesting interface. Forget usability and let users spend hours solving puzzles. This is so interesting! You can’t come up with anything right off the bat, go to the Reddit site. For a very long time, they have come up with and collected interesting ways to enter passwords, numbers, and also develop solutions for adjusting the sound.

More animations, videos, and technologies. This is the point where you can roam freely. Remember we wrote about heavy images? So this is not enough! Add as many videos and animations as possible to your site. Let it snow, hares run and snowflakes fly. And if you can add escape buttons, then it becomes the height of the art. Customers should be amazed at the abundance of traffic. And keep it loading for as long as possible, as your efforts deserve respectful anticipation.


We figured out the design, let’s move on. Once you’ve wowed users, they should give them something to read:

Tell us a little about the past day. No advertising, no useful information about the services, this is all superfluous. Clients should only read what they are interested in, something fresh, new, unusual. Have you been on vacation? Write about it. How good the hotel was, what kind of sea surrounded it, what kind of cuisine was in the chosen country. Did you have time to watch the movie? Be sure to post a review about him on the site.


We have already touched on this topic a little in the paragraph about design, but you can look at usability differently:


Think like a developer. There is a developer behind each site and adding the necessary elements, layout, design – all this is extra work. Remember, those who seek will always find. The most interested users will find the buttons they need easily. Just think they will spend a few extra minutes, but the developer will spend hours on systematization!

More modal windows. Have you ever thought of adding pop-ups to your website? Oh-oh-oh yes, many people had such an idea. Why not talk about discounts, offer a product, notify about cookies and offer to read the privacy policy at the same time? Cover the entire page with banners, chatbots, helpers, and popups.

Add another challenge with contact forms. There is still little variety. You can show your creativity in literally everything. Remember if you like filling out boring monotonous forms? Perhaps not. The same data on each resource is inserted into the same fields. What a routine job it is. Add a twist, how about a string of memes from the internet? Everyone loves them, especially with cats! Take User Interface as an example, you can go crazy solving puzzles here.

Say no to testing and optimization. Time is the most valuable currency in our life. Don’t waste it, take a look at the work done and launch the site. And if you work with a customer, then immediately send everything to him. Prove yourself as a very valuable and punctual designer!


This article has collected 8 of the most basic anti-tips, but there are many more. But it is this collection that will help make the site memorable. Having got to it only once, clients will never be able to forget this beautiful interface. If you are interested in such collections, then be sure to write your recommendations for web design. They may be in the next article!

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