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Kitchen cabinets are considered storage spaces that can be used to keep kitchen items. They play a vital role in shaping your kitchen. They are available in different styles, colors, and designs. You can install the cabinets in your kitchen according to the paint of the walls and the furniture placed in the kitchen.

Here are some of the best tips that help upgrade your old kitchen cabinets:

  1. Install Maple Cabinets

For improving your kitchen cabinets, you can install maple cabinets in your kitchen. These are the cabinets whose color is predominately white to creamy-white along with occasional reddish-brown tones. It also consists of a cabinet door panel that adds value to it. You can match the kitchen paint colors with maple cabinets to blend them.

  1. Painting Cabinets

No doubt, color can change everything. You can upgrade your old kitchen cabinets by painting them with fresh new paint. For example, some of the cabinets of your kitchen have been damaged, you can upgrade them by painting them. Make sure that you match the paint colors with maple cabinets so that there would not be any difference between them.

Painting the cabinets can result in making your kitchen look brighter than before. You can also paint all the cabinets i.e. the damaged ones and the remaining ones too. The reason behind painting all the cabinets is that there would not be even a slight difference among the cabinets. You should clean the cabinets before applying a fresh coat of paint using a brush.

  1. Reface Cabinets

You can reface the kitchen cabinets for upgrading them. This action may involve the removal of drawer fronts and the doors of the cabinets. You can replace some of the items during refacing the cabinets. These items may include:

  • Drawer pulls
  • Handles
  • Hinges

You can also paint the doors, handles, hinges, and drawer pull of the maple cabinets. You should make sure that the color of these items is according to the kitchen color so that you can blend kitchen color with maple cabinets. Blending is necessary because a lack of blending may have a bad impact on your personality.

  1. Installation of a Pull-Out Cabinet Shelf

You can install a pull-out cabinet shelf in your kitchen for the up-gradation of your kitchen cabinets. These help increase the storage space in your kitchen. You can make your kitchen more organized by installing a pull-out cabinet shelf in it. No doubt, an organized kitchen looks attractive.

This shelf looks similar to the shallow drawers that can be easily accessed for storing items in it. The standard size of this shelf is 24 inches deep with a width of 33 inches. You can use the sheets of plywood for making pull-out cabinet shelves. You can hire a professional for this task.

  1. Add a Sideboard

You can add a sideboard pack in your kitchen to enhance storage space. You can hire a professional for the addition of a sideboard in your kitchen. Sideboards are a type of cabinets installed in your kitchen for the storage of:

  • Table linens
  • Serving pieces
  • Dishware

It is an easy task to enhance the kitchen cabinets with furniture feet, knobs, and molding for producing a handcrafted piece at affordable prices. You can get operable drawers instead of the fake ones so that you could store some of the kitchen items on the sideboard.

  1. Under Cabinet Lighting

You can install under cabinet lighting to upgrade the old cabinets present in your kitchen. You can install the lighting for the purpose of lightening the countertop and can also install the lighting beneath upper wall cabinets. Make sure when you install near the countertop, consider what color countertops go with maple cabinets.

  1. Add Cabinet Accessories

You can add a cabinet accessory for upgrading your old kitchen cabinets. The installation of such accessories can result in increasing the storage space in your kitchen. Cabinet accessories may include:

  • Drawer peg system
  • Tray divider
  • Spice rack pull out
  • Trash can pull out
  • Cutlery/knife block drawer etc.

You can hire a professional to get your kitchen cabinets upgraded when you need them. The experts can provide you with the best ideas for kitchen cabinet up-gradation according to your kitchen’s paint and furniture. You can also install dividers, racks, shelf baskets, and door mounts for keeping the cookware, spices, utensils, and lids organized.

  1. Build a Plate Rack

You can build a plate rack in your kitchen to upgrade your old kitchen cabinets. The plate rack is helpful in keeping the plates organized and in place. Make sure that you choose the right color to paint this rack. If your plates are of dark color, you must paint the rack with a light color.


This guide has provided you with detailed information regarding some tips for upgrading your old kitchen cabinets. You can hire a professional or do it yourself. If you do not have enough time, you can consult a contractor to save your time and energy.

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