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Period pain or cramps are caused due to continuous contractions in your uterus during menstruation. Although these cramps are common, sometimes they become unbearable; therefore, women take pain relief meds, which negatively affect the body’s hormonal balance. Thus, relying on natural ways to cure period cramps is a preferred choice. 

If you also experience severe pain during your periods and find it difficult to carry out everyday activities, keep reading. This article highlights the top 8 natural ways to get instant period cramp relief. Also getting consultation with Verona Women’s Health experts is a good option at such unbearable pain.

So, without any further do, let’s dive in!   

8 Natural Ways to Get Instant Period Cramp Relief

1. Take a Hot Bath or Shower 

Taking a hot shower relieves your pelvic, abdominal and back muscles, allowing you to relax and reduces contractions. You can pour 2-3 drops of essential oil into a hot water tub for soothing and relief. For maximum benefit, take a hot bath of 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Stay Hydrated  

During periods, you should keep yourself hydrated, which prevents bloating and maintains digestive health. Add water-rich food like watermelon, cucumber and others into your diet for extra benefits. You can also sip hot beverages like tea or warm water for relaxation. 

3. Use a Heat Patch  

Heating patches are every woman’s best friend during periods. Placing a heating patch on your abdomen relaxes your uterus muscles and minimizes cramps. Since heat improves blood circulation, it reduces pain and provides noticeable results within 15 minutes. 

4. Use Essential Oils  

Messaging your tummy with essential oils or using them in a hot shower is another excellent natural remedy for instant pain relief. Some commonly used essential oils are lavender, sage, marjoram, rose, clove and cinnamon. The best way to use them is by mixing them into coconut oil and massaging them in the crucial motion on the abdomen with light pressure. 

5. Perform Light Exercises  

Performing light exercises or yoga for 30 minutes relieves your period cramps as these exercises stretch your muscles, promoting blood flow. You can dance, play sports, bike, or meditate at home. These are some great exercises. 

6. Avoid Salty Foods and Caffeine  

Salty foods and caffeine cause bloating, discomfort and water retention, which results in heavy period pain. Thus, these need to be avoided. You can also reduce alcohol intake during or after periods as they result in reduced period cramps. 

7. Try Acupressure  

Acupressure is a popular and non-invasive approach that relieves pain, especially during periods. Use your fingers to gently apply pressure on your abdomen region and firmly rub it for a few minutes, which reduces pain. It reduces the overall duration and severity of the pain. 

8. Switch your Sleeping Position   

According to studies, sleeping in the fetal position is the best period to treat menstrual cramps, as this position does not put extra weight on your lower back or abdomen. You can also try different positions and choose what best suits you. 

Wrapping Up!

Women naturally feel period pains during menstruation. These top 8 natural ways will provide instant relief, ensuring you can do everyday tasks hassle-free. 

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