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Metal Detecting

If you haven’t been to the woods for metal detecting finds yet, you are missing on great fun. You never know what historical items you will find while exploring the field. However, treasure hunting in the woods can be challenging. So, here we have some tips that can help you get prepared for your adventures.

Tip#1 Always Carry A Bag

Pack a bag with all your metal detecting accessories. Make sure to leave extra space for the additional items. Don’t mix it with a park or a backyard hunt. As you will be walking in the woods most of the time, it is better to take extra essential items along.

Tip#2 Take A Bug Spray as well

You might not need the spray for most of your detecting hunts, but for forest digs, it is essential. Firstly, it will protect you from mosquito bites. Also, it gives you safety from the ticks. It is crucial because the ticks carry various health hazards, including Lyme disease.

Tip#3 Water Bottle Is A Must

Carry a water bottle when you are out in the woods. There will not be any water faucets nearby; therefore, if you can, take extra bottles with you in case if you get lost or have to stay longer than intended. It is essential to consider if you don’t want anything to come in your way of discovering new metal detecting finds.

Tip#4 Don’t Forget A Cell Phone

Do not get fooled by the beauty of the forest; remember, it can be hazardous. You have to look out for wild animals. Also, getting lost is always a high risk in the woods. And considering the terrain, injuries and falling can be a danger as well. Taking a cellphone can protect you if any of the above nightmares come true.

Tip#5 Take A Heavy-Duty Shovel

An encounter with a tree-root is among the most frustrating things. You’ll need the force of a shovel to cut through them to discover the common metal detector finds. If the signal is near a river or a stream, the number of rocks you have to work through will be nearly impossible without adequate tools.

Tip#6 Make Space for Gloves

Some detectorists may feel bulked down while wearing gloves. However, in the woods, it is an essential requirement. You’ll come across some plants that you don’t want to touch, including the poison ivy. Plus, the insects are all-around. So, you’ll be needing some protection against the bites.

Tip#7 Pack Light

You’ll have a bag, shovel, and detector along with you. But how heavy is the load? You’ll be walking for miles and don’t want to exhaust yourself with heavyweights.

Tip#8 Carry A Compass

Depending upon how deep you are planning to go in the woods, a compass will be essential. You may intend to stay at the edge of the forest, but before you know, you might have gone too far. Here, the compass will help you figure a way out without much trouble.

Find Interesting Metal Detecting Finds!

Along with having a high-quality metal detector from Teknetics Direct, these tips will help you make the forest adventures a success.

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