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There are a lot of major changes happening in the mobile space, with smartphones gaining prominence and 5G networks entering into more homes for faster and more reliable internet access. But the smartphone market is only going to get even more competitive in 2022.

8 Upcoming Mobile Technologies Of 2022

Here’s a look at five technologies that will redefine all aspects of our lives beginning next year.

1. Wireless Charging

The wireless charging wars are only going to get more intense in the coming years. Right now, everyone is using the Qi standard for wireless charging, but that’s about to change beginning in 2022 as a rival standard emerges

The AirFuel Alliance—which consists of technology giants like Qualcomm, Samsung, Intel, and Broadcom—is working on a rival technology called Rezence Wireless Charging Technology, which promises to be faster and more reliable than Qi.

The alliance is hoping to get Rezence into the market by 2022, but it’s not clear which companies will adopt the technology, to begin with.

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2. Foldable Phones

Foldable phones have been steadily gaining traction over the past few years, with some major players like LG and Samsung releasing their foldable models. However, these phones are still relatively bulky compared to traditional smartphone models that fit comfortably in pockets or backpacks.

The answer lies in SEDs (strain-induced super-elastic devices), which are already being worked on by several companies. In 2022, we should finally see the first commercially available consumer products with SED technology, which is thinner and lighter than competing flexible display technologies thanks to its solid construction.

3. Auto drive cars have become mainstream

As most people know by now, self-driving or autonomous vehicles are becoming a major part of the car industry. They have many advantages over human drivers, including being able to start, accelerate and brake faster than humans can and having better reaction times in emergencies.

In 2022, self-drive vehicles are the norm; with completely robotic parking garages for cars common in suburban areas around the country.

4. 3D printers hit the market

For a long time, 3D printers have been viewed as gimmicks by many professionals as well as science fiction enthusiasts. In 2022, though, more than 80% of all households will have a 3D printer of some sort, including one with a spacious build area about the size of three parking spaces.

Most people who use these printers use them to print objects such as plastic sculptures or replacement parts to fix broken cars and appliances.
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5. The printing of organs is a reality

Today, millions of people around the world are waiting for organ transplants in their lifetimes. In 2022 though, such organs are available for transplant regularly to anyone with a need.

Those who receive such organs never have to go through the surgical process again; many people find this far more terrifying than dying from an organ failure.

6. Augmented Reality:

overlaying digital images on the physical world to produce realistic, three-dimensional images that react in real-time to changes in its environment.

7. Virtual Reality:

It is a phrase used to describe computer-generated simulations that create realistic environments and immerse participants in the simulation. The technologies are more advanced than those used for augmented reality, with full-scale virtual worlds and environments possible

8. Gesture Control:

Technology that reads gestures or movements by a person to interact with the device or application.


Technology has innovated in the past few decades at an unprecedented rate, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Every day there is a new buzzword or trend that dominates the technology sphere.

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