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Youtube is now at the second spot as most visited website in the world, According to Wikipedia. This American based company has provided the most user-friendly platform for Entertainment, Vlogging and Learning, when it comes to video content. And video is the most engaging way of communicating, so these stats come with no surprise!

Everyday people watch billions of hours of videos, this is a very huge number. People prefer video over text, but this video creation is a very creative Task. Many youngsters who want to be a Youtuber, work very hard to achieve their Goals.

Content creation is a very important concept for a Youtuber. The content needs to be optimized in an efficient manner and this depends upon the SEO strategy.

YouTube SEO is a method of enhancing the visibility of channels and videos in search results by optimizing them. YouTube is the most popular video platform on the internet, as well as one of the most popular search engines. As a result, knowing how to optimize your content for the platform is crucial.

Ranking of Youtube channels is very important to survive in billions of users. The competition rate is beyond our expectations. 2022 has brought new trends and techniques to increase traffic on youtube videos. We will see a few tips which will help you to go with the trend and achieve your goal.

So, Now we will see few Tips which will be useful for getting our Youtube Channel or video Ranked in Top of the results!

9 Tips To Rank A YouTube Video At Top


The choice and selection of Keywords is very important in Youtube or any other content creation Platform. The foundation of SEO is keyword research. Creating a focus keyword for each video and analyzing popular subjects will greatly increase your visibility. It’s sometimes easier to choose the core keyword for your video before you even start recording. It’s critical to understand what people are looking for or talking about. A short keyword search will provide the most popular terms that you should choose, taking into account the search volume as well.

There are special sites for Keyword creation for Youtube, you can take help from there. And there are also tools to track keywords ranking, if your goal is to reach the top spots of YouTube search and keep track of your growth.


The first thing which seeks the attention of the user is the Title of the Video. So the selection of Title of the video is a very Important decision. It is very difficult to use a Unique but reachable Title for the Video. The selection of accurate Title depends upon your creativity and Keyword research. The Title must include Keywords, so that the audience can reach the video.


After opening the video, the next thing the user sees is a description of the video. So, the ranking of the video also depends upon the description of the video. Description of video is also of various types. Like some people prefer every detail of video, some prefer only key details, some prefer tags only, so it also depends upon description. So one must optimize his/her description of the video.


The view rate of video is also dependent upon its Thumbnail. The Thumbnail must be Eye Catchy, so that the user must open the video. The selection of thumbnails must be unique, informative and attractive.


A youtube video must contain relevant tags to reach in trendy ranks. Users today use tags to reach their desired content destination, so one must optimize their video Tags.


One most important Tip to increase the rank of your Youtube video or channel is to Maintain the Consistency of your presence on youtube. If you are inconsistent, then your channel will also be at an inconsistent position in this competitive platform.


Popular youtube channels have loyal and regular viewers, so to retain traffic and loyalty of your channel you must create a good relationship with your audience by paying attention to them. By going live from time to time, by offering gift cards, coupons, mention, you can communicate with your audience.


Another way to engage more attention, you can make playlists of various categories of your videos, so that the viewer can directly go to his/her desired video. By this way you can attain more regular viewers. The titles of playlists must be accurate according to the content category. You can automate the creation or play them also with bots. There are few bots on the web, such as UltraBot for YouTube, which can help you on that.


Timestamps can also boost up traffic to your video. Timestamp allows users to directly jump to the desired point of the video. You can include keywords also, if possible.

It’s not easy to rank for keywords on YouTube. To rank higher, you must master the most recent YouTube SEO tactics and keep up with current trends.


Getting your YouTube videos to rank higher is also not rocket science. All of the ideas in this post are quite easy to adopt, and I guarantee that if you follow them, you will rank on the first page of YouTube. Simply follow the advice, and track your video’s ranking growth with a free tool such as LenosTube to see how the growth can be quick and easy!

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