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travelAerial view of Cologne, Germany

One of the most astonishing and best countries which I prefer is Germany where you can get many experiences. This has a vast diversity in its beauty which everybody can have after visiting this country. Perhaps history, culture, and natural beauty are the best adjectives to prescribe the essence of Germany plus it is amazing, diverse, and huge.

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Here are some best places you should visit once at least in your whole beautiful life

  1. German Parliament
  2. The Berlin Wall
  3. The Brandenburg gate
  4. Animal garden
  5. Charlottenburg Palace
  6. The TV Tower
  7. Bavaria
  8. October festival
  9. Fish market
  • German Parliament

This is the most attractive and astonishing place in Germany which is located in the historic Reichstag building. This place is also called Bundestag where the government governs the whole country. Decisions, judgments, and many more things take place in this charming place that every country needs to have.

  • The Berlin Wall

If you don’t visit the Berlin Wall when you visit the places in Germany then your visit is incomplete. Its beautiful walls are covered with colorful animation and graffiti which makes it more attractive for the tourists. People came from so far to visit its exhibition which makes them happy.

  • The Brandenburg gate

This is the only remaining town gate of Berlin, Germany which stands at the western end of the avenue Unter Den Linden. The gate is highly decorated with the sculptures and reliefs designed by Gottfried Schadow. This gate basically symbolizes divided Germany, while the Berlin Wall shut off the approach to the gate for both West and East German.

  • Animal garden

The very first zoo is named Zoologischer Garten Berlin which opened on 1 august 1844. Although the name of this park is acquired from the fact that it is being used for hunting purposes. Children enjoy there a lot by visiting a charming zoo of Germany.

  • Charlottenburg palace

All over Germany, there are so many places that contain histories to visit, one of them is das Schloss which indicates a palace. It contains a variety of features and the charming Garten where the visitors can come free of cost. Furthermore, it is well known for its aesthetics and slumping ornamental gardens which attracts a large number of tourists.

  • The TV Tower

As its name shows it would be like a tower under the beautiful sky in Germany which attracts a huge number of people towards itself. You can take a free ride to the top of this charming tower for having a look all over the city. When you enter this tower you’ll see some beautiful fragments which attract you to go further.

  • Bavaria

Bavaria a beautiful and charming state of Germany is bonded to the North by the states of both Saxony and Thuringia, to the south by Austria, to the west by states of Hessen and Baden-Wurttemberg, and to the east by the Czech Republic. It basically consists of wooded peaks of many thousand feet along with steep ridges and high plateaus.

  • October Festival

Oktoberfest attracts millions of people towards it by arranging some stalls, fun, and entertainment. Since 1810, this festival is happening which comes with some delicious foods, Byre (Beer), and many more. Some other amazing entertainments include dance, games, music, rides and so many more. The purpose of celebrating such festivals is to reduce the Bavarian sense of Cordiality.

  • Fish Market

The fish market in Germany represents the area of a fishing port in the Altona which is a district of Hamburg, Germany. It contains an elegant hall designed for the visitors where they can sit and eat fish. Moreover, it has a variety of halls which offer different fish dishes to the visitors. They offer you fish sandwiches, prawns, and some local fish food like young herring.

Last words

All mention places are well researched and the best places to visit in Germany. Now you can follow the list on your next travel to Germany for a perfect and unforgettable trip. Well! it’s time to spend an amazing time over there with your family or friends. So, Start planning and narrow down your searches to get the best deals on Now, you can book british airways reservations in advance to reach here very easily. Nowadays, getting it and reaching these awesome places in Germany is more convenient and very affordable too.

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