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9 Environmental Conditions That Encourage Pests

Almost every home has pest infestations, which can be detrimental if they’re allowed to get out of control. Before you attempt to exterminate pests in your home, you must find out what caused them to infiltrate your home and what makes them stay. Experts from a New Jersey pest control service would suggest observing your area’s environmental conditions that lures pests towards your home to begin with.

  • Dead Animals or Feces 

Check your property to see if you can find any dead animals or feces lying around in your surroundings, as some pests use these as their food source. If you find an animal corpse, you should call the authorities for proper disposal.

  • Open Septic Tank, Leach Drain Covers

Human waste goes to septic tanks for treatment and proper disposal. The tank should be airtight to prevent the leak of the harmful gas. You need to perform regular maintenance for your leach drains and septic tanks by asking professionals to conduct investigations for any damages and repairs.

  • Pools of Water

Search your surroundings for pools of water caused by leaking taps. Pools of water are a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which can bring deadly diseases inside your home. Also look for old tires and containers that collect rainwater, and make sure you get rid of them.

  • Trash Lying Around

Make sure that you don’t have any trash lying around your property, as rodents will tear open the bags in search of food and scraps. If you need to bring your garbage outside, ensure that it’s placed inside bins that are adequately sealed. 

  • Dirty Toilets

If you have a dirty toilet, expect pest infestation until you tidy up and maintain cleanliness. A dirty bathroom is a dangerous health hazard to people living in your house. Pests can easily carry diseases from germ-infested places.

  1. Uncovered Food in the Kitchen

Uncovered food in the kitchen will act as a haven for pests such as fruit flies. Make sure that you store your food in an air-tight container and preserve it inside your refrigerator.

  • Dirty Bench Tops and Tables

After using the table or benchtops, people sometimes forget to clean and sanitize. Flies would flock onto these surfaces and search for food, leaving microorganisms that can be dangerous to your family’s health.

  • Unclean Shelves, Drawers, and Cupboards

Cockroaches love to go to these places and search for food. There could be leftovers or spilled drinks on the surface, which you must not forget to clean up after eating.

  • Dirty Kitchen Floors

Food preparation can be messy, with plenty of debris falling to the floor which attracts pests such as ants. Try to make it a habit of cleaning your kitchen floor after preparing food, and try to sanitize it by applying a proper chemical solution.

Signs of Pest Infestation in Your House

Some may think that pest infestations are easy to identify, such as the presence of flies and mosquitoes. However, some pests hide very well and wait for an opportunity to go out and scavenge for food when no one’s around. Here are signs of pests that are already in your house.


  • Plenty of cockroach droppings
  • A sickly, unpleasant stench
  • Cockroach eggs, empty egg cases
  • Chewed papers and cardboard
  • Dead cockroaches


  • Rat feces and urine
  • Rat and mice holes
  • Sounds of chewing, scratching, and running noises
  • Teeth marks
  • Greasy fur stains 

Bed Bugs

  • Bites on people’s skin
  • White clusters of eggs
  • Bugs hiding in between seams of bed frames, mattresses
  • Spots of dark blood on the bed

Take It Seriously

Pest infestations are dangerous to people’s health. They carry diseases and viruses which can quickly spread inside our homes. It is essential to keep our surroundings clean and sanitized at all times. It would also be best to hire professionals to inspect your home regularly for pest infestations.


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