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In this article, we will discuss the 9 main instructions to achieve the right SEO approach in any SEO Company in India. These instructions remain common irrespective of the part of the country. They are followed everywhere like in any SEO Company in Hyderabad (central south) or Kochi (extreme south) or Kolkata (east).

Find right keywords

Keywords play the most vital role in almost everything related to SEO and that is why the first step for the right SEO approach is keyword research. Keywords used by your target audience can easily be found by using Google Suggest. 

Whenever any keyword is typed into Google’s search field, it will show an array of suggestions. These Google Suggestions are very useful as keywords for search engine optimization.

Keywords are mainly of two types, long-tail, and short-tail. Later being more effective for SEO which are suggested by the best seo agency.

Tools like Semrush or Ubersuggest can be used to check the competition analysis for keywords or the search volume.

First-page analysis

Once you found your keywords just type any one of them on the Google search bar. You can note down the pattern of the first 10 results in SERP and follow the same to get better SEO.

Crisp Content

It is good to remember that whatever be the topic you are writing on, there is already a huge amount of content available on the same. So, it should be your prime object to create crisp content which is either different from others or at least 10 times better than others. 

Get the hook

You must get backlinks to improve your SEO nowadays. Different studies show that backlinks are correlated with Google Rankings on the first page. This indicates that backlinks play a key role in Google ranking. So, get the hook on your page.

On-Page SEO

This is purely achieved by optimizing your content by keywords to make it SEO friendly. The following three techniques work well for on-page SEO.

Internal linking: It works well as a tool for on-page SEO provided the link contains an anchor text which is rich in keywords. Besides, the link should always be done from high-authority web pages.

Short URLs with rich keywords: This gives you effective results as short URLs are advantageous than long URLs as far as SEO is concerned. You can use only keywords as your URL too.

Semantec SEO: Use the words which are related to target keywords effectively within your content.

Optimization 2.0

This is also known as The Skyscraper Technique 2.0. The basic idea is to use target keywords within your content as per the search intent. Contents that are published following this technique deliver much better SEO results.

Content Aesthetics

Even the best-written contents can fail miserably if the presentation is not done properly. So, it is essentially important to put effort into the presentation. Following tips can enhance your presentation in many folds.

Bar charts and graphs: They make complicated data easy to understand.

Diagrams and screenshots: They make any content easier to grasp and the reader gets a clear idea about the process or steps to follow for a particular task.

Banners: They make your blog look cool and attractive.

Visual effect and graphics: It is way easier to digest any subject with visuals. It helps the reader to visualise and understand the concepts.

Rebuilding broken links: It is a bad practice to have a blog or article with broken links. It is important to rebuild the same with more meaningful pages.

Competition analysis: This method is old but still proves to be useful for any SEO agencies in Mumbai.

Evangelist Method: This is the method of representing your content in front of the right audience to get the maximum output. 

Content Updating

It is equally important to update your old content like generating new content to keep the flow of organic traffic.

Hope these 9 instructions will change your SEO experience completely.

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