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9 Things to Know When Moving to Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland is located along the Chesapeake Bay just north of Washington, D.C. and is known as the ‘Charm City’. However, it will only live up to its nickname if you know a few things before visiting or moving there. Knowing some things in advance will make you feel more at home once arriving.

  • Everyone Loves Crabs

With its prime location along the Chesapeake Bay, you’ll find some of the best Blue Crabs in Baltimore. In fact, the Maryland Blue Crab is known as the state crustacean. You will find crab on the menu in practically every Baltimore restaurant. Better practice using a mallet and butter knife before your move.

  • It’s Centrally Located on the East Coast

You couldn’t ask for a better location along the east coast. Washington, D.C. is only a 30 minute drive and New York City is less than four hours away. Geographically, Baltimore is located almost halfway between Maine and Florida. So, if you work in D.C., it’s a quick drive to work. If you want to vacation, there are plenty of destinations both north and south of Baltimore. It’s even centrally located in Maryland with no more than an hour’s drive to the mountains or to the beach.

  • There’s Plenty of Public Transportation

A car is not a necessity in Baltimore. The Maryland Transit Administration provides services such as the subway, bus, light rail, and train. All of these services cross paths throughout the entire city. Other modes of transportation that are more area specific include the Charm City Circulator and the Baltimore Water Taxi. The advantage to not having a car is the savings from not having to pay for car insurance even though you do have to pay for public transportation.

  • You Will Be a Baltimore Sports Fan

Baltimore shows its loyalty and spirit when it comes to sports like no other city. You’ll quickly become a loyal and outspoken fan of the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles. You’ll be spending quite a bit of time running back and forth between Met Bank Stadium and Oriole Park at Camden Yards. You will see nothing but a sea of purple and black on game days and many businesses close. The Ravens are actually named after Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, The Raven.

  • It’s a City of Unique Neighborhoods 

Your neighborhood will define you. Every neighborhood has its own unique character. There are neighborhoods known as being artsy, some known as being quirky, while others are known for being young and hip. The best neighborhood to live in is not necessarily based on income but one that matches your personality and interests.

  • Weather

You will definitely experience all four seasons in Baltimore. The year-round average temperature ranges from 30℉ to 80℉. The summers are hot and humid with this type of weather running from late spring until the end of summer. Winters are relatively mild but when the first flake of snow falls, the city becomes paralyzed. The city completely shuts down and schools close.

  • It’s Known for its Medical Research 

Baltimore is well known for its medical and research centers. Johns Hopkins University is known as the nation’s leading research university and is also one of Baltimore’s largest employers. The University of Maryland Baltimore is also a major academic research center. This university was the first dental school to open in the country.

  • Is Marijuana Legal in Maryland?

Cannabis is legal for medical use which is no surprise with the medical and research facilities located especially in Baltimore. It is illegal for recreational use. However, 10 grams or less is decriminalized.

  • There’s Something for Everyone

The city’s history runs deep, the quirky culture is fascinating, the food is excellent, and the economy is thriving. What’s not to love about Baltimore other than the crime? There are plenty of museums, concerts, festivals, restaurants, sports venues, water activities, attractions, and even medical marijuana dispensaries to keep individuals of all interests busy for quite some time.

If you aren’t charmed by Baltimore then you will be hard-pressed to find another city that provides the diversity that is offered by this unique city. The history and culture are unmatched.

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