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9 Things You Need To Wash Your Car At Home9 Things You Need To Wash Your Car At Home

Do you want to cut costs, avoid the disappointment of the quack carwashers, and secure your car safety?

Washing your vehicle by yourself may be the smartest move toward a perfect car cleaning. But while you may already know the step-by-step process of self-carwashing, chances are you’re not sure whether you have the complete list of the needed carwashing equipment. Luckily, on this page, I have answered the question “what can I use to wash my car at home?” with a list of the 9 must-have carwashing tools. By the way, check out Subaru Jersey village here for the best deals on your dream cars and for instant quote for your scrap car.

Now…to the list.

Car Dash Dusters

Keeping your dashboard dust-free is an easy but yet effective measure to prolong the life of your vehicle’s electronics; such as the radio and the warning lights. So to speak, a set of car dash dusters that can easily reach even the tightest places on your dashboard is a must-have not only during car washing but for a regular dashboard dusting.

Microfiber Towels

Wiping moisture off your car panel after wash will help greatly to minimize dust accumulation. Instead of using the regular towel that may otherwise leave scratches behind, microfiber towels are the best choice. Microfiber towels naturally absorb water faster, they are soft on your vehicle’s panel, and are easy to wash after use.

Anti-glare window Glass Cleaners

These portable cleaners are crafted specially to be gentle on your windows while being more efficient than the regular cleaning wipes. You may also opt for some additional glass wipes for other glass-made parts of your car; such as your headlamps.


While most car owners use vacuum cleaners to cut costs, I recommend going for the real thing. Dustbusters are far more portable, easy to use, and works like charm. Besides, vacuum cleaners are for your home cleaning while dustbusters are genuinely engineered for 100% car carpets and seats cleaning to make your vehicle dust and crumb-free.

Car Wax

Cleaning your car doesn’t end after washing and polishing. Take the last and most important step to apply quality car was for the purpose of removing both obvious and obscure scratches so your car painting can shine better.

Tire Shine and wheel Brush

Wheel brushes are super-tough on muddy, sticky dirt that won’t just leave your wheels. Support them with tire shine to bring out the newness of your tires over again.

Washing Mitt

Ditch those old raggy towels and switch for the softer washing mitts that are known to be gentle on your car painting while being super-absorbent to soap. This is a great way to make the time spent washing worth the while.

Hose Nozzle

Bending and rising from a bucket with a bowl of water over again will strain you out faster. With a hose nozzle, you can rinse your vehicle even more perfectly without going through pains.

Grit Guard And Shampoo

Forget the popular opinion that soap is soap. When it comes to your car, using a special car shampoo is as important as using grit guards.

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