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Earlier this Spring, our little sister Janie and her fiancé, Kevin, got engaged! To say we are beyond thrilled is an understatement, and we’re so excited for all of the festivities leading up to the big day! The location has been selected, the venue has been set, the band has been reserved – everything is smoothly progressing at the moment, and we can’t wait for the day to arrive!

Last night, Janie invited Blair and me to join her at Nordstrom to go bridesmaid dress shopping. I have to say we’re pretty lucky that she’s giving us free reign to select our favorite dresses, but we want to find a dress that is not only flattering on all of the bridesmaids, but also a dress that matches Janie’s personal style and wedding day theme. 

Today we’re sharing 9 tips on how to choose a flattering dress for all of the bridesmaids!

1 – Do Some Preliminary Research On Pinterest 

Before you walk into a bridal store, it’s important to have an idea of what style dress you want. Do you prefer long or short? Do you want all of your bridesmaids in the same dress or different dresses? Do you have a fabric preference, color, or style in mind? Figuring these out before you start shopping will make the process a lot easier!

2 – Choose YOUR Wedding Gown First 

This is honestly the most important factor when choosing bridesmaid dresses. If you fall in love with a formal dress, you probably want your bridesmaids in classic/conservative dresses. If you decide to wear a bohemian-inspired gown, you may want your bridesmaids in Show Me Your MuMu style dresses. The big day is all about YOU, so choose your wedding dress first and coordinate your bridesmaid dresses second.

3 – Bring At Least Two Friends + Try On The Dress Yourself

While you may love the way a dress looks on the hanger, it may not look the same on your bridesmaids. It’s very helpful to have a few different girls try on the same dress to have an idea of what it will look like on multiple girls – plus trying it on yourself helps you understand how it fits and feels!

4 – Pay Attention To Body Types

Unless you have a handful of runway models as your bridesmaids, it’s rare that all of the girls will be the same size. Not only do you want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable and confident in their dress, you also want to make sure the dress is flattering on every body type. A V-neck on a flat-chested girl will look a LOT different than it would on a busty girl. Consider the body types of your bridesmaids to make sure the dress you choose will be flattering on everyone. This is another reason why it’s great to shop with a couple friends to see how each dress looks on each body type!

5 – Consider Your Color Choices

Typically bridesmaid stores only offer each style in one size and color – and let’s be real, it’s almost impossible to imagine how the style will look in the correct size and color. Why do stores think it’s easy to compare a size XL one shoulder dress in magenta to a XS halter in lavender? The options are slim and you really have to get creative. Remember, darker colors are more forgiving than pastels – so if you choose a tighter dress, black or navy will be more forgiving in photos than a blush pink.

Not sure what color to choose? Check out Cicinia’s wide selection of colors and styles for standard bridesmaid dresses. They offer so many beautiful dresses, and your bridesmaids will love finding the perfect dress that matches their individual style with Cicinia.

6 – Some Fabrics Are Much More Forgiving Than Others 

When it comes to standard bridesmaid dresses, you’ll find chiffon, silk, and crepe are the most popular fabrics for gowns. Chiffon is the most flattering on every body type, whereas a stretch material or thin silk may be more shape revealing in photos (especially in colors like champagne or ivory).

7 – Consider The Time Of Year 

If you’re getting married outside in the middle of the summer, pay attention to the heat. Some fabrics show sweat more than others, and some don’t breathe. Opt for a breezier style to keep your bridesmaid cool – and avoid uncomfortable situations like sweat marks or that trapped in a sauna sensation.

8 – Choose A Dress That Fits The Surroundings 

If you’re having a black tie wedding in a formal ballroom, make sure to choose an elegant and sophisticated style for your bridesmaids. If you’re getting married barefoot on a beach, be sure to choose a breezier style for your girls.

9 – Choose A Dress That Will Make Each Girl Feel Confident & Comfortable

Last but not least, your bridesmaids will look gorgeous in anything, so choose a dress that’s comfortable and easy to wear. The night is about having fun, so make sure the dress is moveable enough to break it down on the dance floor later that night!

Last tip – did you know a lot of bridesmaid dresses have hidden pockets? For the bride AND bridesmaids, this is a mega win bc you can keep your touch-up lipstick on hand (but hidden) all night!

Planning a wedding is a fun and exciting process, so have fun shopping with your girlfriends to find the perfect dress! We had an absolute blast last night playing dress up with Janie, and we can’t wait to share the final looks with everyone on the big day!  

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