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A choker necklace is considered to be one of the sexiest pieces of jewelry available in the market. It is great to see choker necklaces back in fashion. Girls love it and there is no denying to the fact that it has diversified types available in the market.

Let’s now look at the numero uno problem faced by women: The problem to select from plenty of options. Some of the questions that you might have include: “Which ones should I opt for?” “What are the different types of choker necklaces available in the market?” “Which ones amongst the different types are worth to keep in your jewelry box?”

If you have these questions in mind we promise all these and many more will get solved by the end of this write-up. In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we have provided the different types of choker necklaces to purchase depending on your individual requirements.

Let’s get started with the different types mentioned below.

The Tattoo Choker Necklace

Irrespective of your skin color, whether it is white, black, tan or any damn color, tattoo choker necklace is right for you. It provides a bold and rebellious feeling. The trend for tattoo choker necklace began in the 90s and the amazing part is it still has some fans. This type of necklace is appropriate for women who are looking for something casual but still wish to be the center of attraction. You can wear it with jeans and summer dresses.
The Velvet Choker

This choker necklace is more elegant than the tattoo choker necklace. It also boosts your sex appeal. There are two options available to you in terms of preference: get a wide or thin one. This type of choker necklace ideally looks great when you wear it with a strapless dress or graceful blouse with a deep V neckline.

The Thin Leather Strip Choker

This is a trendy necklace which not only provides a contemporary feel but also looks pretty. It is possible to get this choker necklace in a variety of colors. But, the one we recommend you is natural-colored one like tan, cream, or black. You can get a solitary leather strip featuring a bow or a layered piece. It is possible to do a variety of things with a thin leather choker. You can even attach charms to it. You need to get this necklace to be an essential part of your jewelry box. Do not think for a single moment to ignore it! We assure you that it would be a piece of jewelry that you would like to wear on each and every day.

The Lace Choker

Lace gives a feminine touch and when you combine it with the choker, it is possible to get an exclusive style in offer. It is bound to catch attention. But, for best results, we recommend you to put on a contrasting look. This means you should not wear it with a delicate skin dress. Rather, it is preferred if you put on leather pants and chunky boots. This way your jewelry and your clothes will give a contrasting feel.

The Stud Leather Choker

This is a classic piece of jewelry to keep, if, in case, you love punk-rock style. Although not many are going to prefer it for an everyday style, it is highly recommended to have this necklace in your jewelry box. It provides a rebellious look to the wearer. In fact, it looks best when you put it on with a simple T-shirt and cuff jeans.

The Gold Choker

This is perhaps the most expensive of the choker necklaces that you will get in the market. Most of the women today prefer this type of necklace primarily due to the fact that it provides a modern premium look. This type of necklace is recommended to be worn on formal occasions or when you are going for a night out. There are different types of gold chokers available in the market: rose, yellow or white. It has been observed that rose-gold chokers are highly demanded jewelry in the market as we write. Yellow and white gold are also right on top when it comes to fashion.

The Pearl Choker

This is one of the most gorgeous types of choker necklaces available in the market. The pearls in the necklace provide extra elegance. It is one of the most fashionable and exquisite necklaces ever to be found in the market. We recommend you to wear it with a stylish strapless gown and spangled pearl earrings.

The Multi-Gemstone Choker

This is the favorite jewelry amongst celebrities. The best thing about it is its opulent shape. And who can forget the precious and semi-precious stones in it which are mostly of gold. We recommend you to wear this choker with a silk single-colored gown. This way you will get a classy and stylish look.

The Diamond Choker

This is one of the best chokers that you can ever get. Reason? It has an elegant appeal. We recommend you to wear it on formal occasions and you will be attracting lots of attention.get name necklace

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