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You can upgrade your home by making small changes in its interior or exterior. There is no need to buy a new house because you can renovate your house according to the latest style and trend. To upgrade your home you can install tiles inside or outside your house. No doubt installing tiles makes your home more attractive and alluring.

What are different types of tiles?

Many types of tiles are classified based on the material they are made of. The composition of tiles is responsible for deciding where they can be preferred and where they shouldn’t be installed. Also, some of them are preferred for floors and some are usually installed on walls. The tiles used indoors and outdoors are also different. The most common types of tiles used for floors and walls of different rooms are:


  • Ceramic tiles 
  • Porcelain tiles 
  • Marble tiles 
  • Glass tiles 
  • Granite tiles 
  • Cement tiles 


Characteristics of tiles

There are various properties of these tiles like some are cost-effective, some are stain-resistant, some are easy to install and some are more durable than others. Like ceramic tiles are not costly but marble tiles are expensive. Glass tiles are highly stain-resistant and porcelain tiles are tricky to install. Cement tiles are porous and offer more room for different colors and designs. Also, some tiles are preferred in less-traffic areas so that they remain in a good shape for some time. 

Decorative tiles 

Custom tiles are also used to enhance the beauty. You can customize ceramic tiles or other tiles and choose a landscape design if you are a creative homeowner. Such decorative tiles are supplied to embellish your interior according to your taste and choice. They are usually preferred on kitchen walls. You should know more about decorative tile supply and decorative tiles designs if you want to install them in your house. 

What are glazed and unglazed tiles?

The tiles used at your home can be glazed or unglazed. Mostly glazed tiles are used at home. Glaze tiles are coated with liquid glass and enamel. The final look can be glossy or matt. 

Unglazed tiles are not coated like glazed tiles. So, a little difference in the manufacture can make the tiles glazed or unglazed. The glazed tiles are coated before they are put into a kiln for firing but without that coating unglazed tiles would be produced. So, this additional coating process glazed tiles are long-lasting and are preferred over unglazed tiles by many people.


Various reasons help you make your decision of installing tiles in your house. Not only do tiles upgrade your house but they are also helpful in maintaining it. You can clean tiles much easier and this results in making them more durable and friendly. Also, tiles come in a variety of designs, styles, colors, shapes, and materials. This enables you to be creative and select the different tiles for your bathroom, kitchen, or living room. To install tiles in your house select tiles according to your needs, preferences, and choice.

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