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How To Easily DownloadHow To Easily Download

Music brings wonders to our life, and thanks to various music streaming platforms, it allows us to listen to any song with ease. Streaming platforms such as SoundCloud offers us thousand of different songs to listen to. It is available on various devices allowing anyone to access this platform freely. All you need is an internet connection, and you are good to go.

It is also possible for you to listen to any song offline by subscribing to the Premium version. But if you are in a tight budget, there are still other ways to enjoy using SoundCloud without spending cash for Premium. Luckily, we will show you a brief guide to download music from soundcloud so you can enjoy them offline.


If you are using an Android, you will need to use a third-party app that will allow you to convert and download your chosen song on SoundCloud. Most of these processes are straightforward to use, which enables you to download as many songs as you want. To do that, you can follow these simple steps.

Download The App

If you don’t have the app on your device, downloading it should be the first thing that you should do. There are two ways you can get the app. You can either go to the Play Store and search for the app. Then, download the app and install it onto your device. The other way is by going to the browser. Search for the apk and download the latest version.

Log in to your Account

After installing the app into your device, log in your existing to account by typing in your username and your password. If this is your first time using the app, you have to create an account. It will redirect you to another page wherein you will have to enter some details.

Pick a Song

After logging in, choose a song that you want to download. Tap the “Share” button and tap the option “Copy Link”. Here is where the third-party application will come to use. After you copied the link of the song, go to your online converter and paste the link there. After that, it will start downloading the song for you. The process will be the same for other songs.


For iOS users, most of the process is the same as Android. Essentially, you have to download and install the application onto your device first if you want to start downloading a song. You can do this by going to the Apple Store and search for the SoundCloud app.  Make sure that you install the right app as there are other apps that might look the same.

Log in your Account

Assuming that you already have the app on your device, enter your existing account to log in. If you don’t have an account, you can simply create a new account. Enter the necessary details, and once you are done, you can start using the app.

Music Downloader

Like in Android, you will need to use the right third-party app to download the songs you want. Third-party applications such as Free Music Download allows you to download SoundCloud straight to your iOS device. From the app, you will see a lot of categories to choose from. To start downloading them, select a song, tap “Share”, and download.


Enjoying music anywhere we go to is possible, thanks to SoundCloud. However, you have to be careful when downloading songs from SoundCloud, as this may sometimes result in piracy. If you have done these methods correctly, you can enjoy listening to all your favorite songs, anyplace, and anytime.

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