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Blocked drains, broken pipes, and all plumbing problems are some of the messiest and complex problems in house maintenance. Plumbing problems can throw a wrench in everyone’s routines and even make a building uninhabitable. The most common plumbing problem in Australia has blocked drains. Blocked drains can cause an upheaval, backing up toilets, contaminating water, and more. While there are several reasons behind blocked drains, tree roots seem to top the list. Tree roots can encroach upon pipes, breaking through them with their roots. In such situations, a pipe relining company in Sydney is the only option. 


Pipe relining, traditionally, required a lot of labour and monetary resources. People had to dig up the property to access the pipes, and then relaying the pipes is another hassle. But today, pipe relining is a more elegant solution. It requires minimal effort to relay the lining pipes today, thanks to pipe relining companies in Sydney. They have a unique and innovative solution to relay pipes, which also costs much less property damage. 

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is essentially creating a new pipe inside the old plumbing. The pipe liners insert a harder and more durable lining inside the pipeline, which can withstand tree roots and other such intrusions. 


The first step in this process is to examine the damage. Usually, plumbers had to dig up the property to assess the damage, and building owners had to pay for both the digging and refilling of the pit. But plumbing companies like Proximity Plumbing have an innovative approach to inspecting pipes. They send a CCTV camera down the pipeline, monitoring it above ground. This procedure requires almost no diffing or refilling, thus cutting down costs.


The actual relining of the pipes is the next step. During the inspection, the plumbers can also get accurate measurements of the pipeline. They then create a lining for the pipe according to those measurements. A small hole is made for the lining to go through, again requiring minimal digging and refilling. This lining first requires curing, which they do with a special resin. The resin cures the lining material, hardening it and also keeps it in place inside the pipeline. After curing, the plumber feeds the lining through the small hole until it covers the full extent of the pipeline.


After ensuring the lining is in place, the plumbers send a stream of hot water to cure the resin and lining in place. The relining process ends here, and the plumbers send a camera through the pipeline again to assess the work. Additionally, it also helps the building owners understand the process and verify its integrity.


Several people today acknowledge the versatility of pipe relining, preferring it to other solutions. Pipe relining not only effectively fixes the problem but also helps avoid future problems. The lining is thick enough to withstand root encroachments, soil erosions and other natural causes. It also ensures the integrity of the pipe lasts longer, leading to lesser plumbing problems. Additionally, pipe relining doesn’t cost as much as it used to with advanced equipment and labour; it promises a fast and permanent solution & HVAC Kennesaw GA.

While there are several reasons behind the various plumbing problems that can arise, pipe relining effectively fixes several problems. Tree root encroachments are a common sight in commercial and residential buildings in Australia, and pipe relining is the solution in such cases. While relaying pipes away from tree ranges is also a solution, it is much more expensive. A pipe relining company in Sydney offers a better solution at a lesser cost.

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