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Studying abroad is a life-changing experience. However, it can also be confusing. In this guide, you will become aware of everything that you need to know about traveling to your dream destination, like what documents to take, what clothes to pack—finding a suitable student apartment, etc.


When you’re planning to study abroad, the first steps you will go through are applying to the colleges and securing your seat. Once you’re secure your seat, the next thing to worry about will be the travel plans. Check out this comprehensive guide to getting you ready for your travel abroad.


Get the documents sorted.

This point cannot be emphasized enough. You need to have all your essential documents packed and ready before you pack your other essentials. Having a thorough knowledge of the required documents is necessary before you embark on your journey to your dream destination


  • Passport and xeroxes of passport
  • Visa and the xeroxes of visa
  • Air tickets
  • Mark sheets and degree certificates
  • Attested mark sheets and degree certificates
  • Original transcripts and degree certificates
  • Immunization form depending on the country and university
  • University-specific letters like financial aid forms, acceptance letters, etc.
  • Documents about any specific examination that you have qualified like GRE or TOEFL.
  • Final year project report
  • Copies of your syllabus
  • Your recommendation letters


Once you have your documents sorted and in place, you need to next work on your clothes.


What clothes to take?

You may choose to go to your destination and then shop for your clothes. However, when you are going to a new place where you have never been before, it is always the best option to have enough clothes with you so that it is not compulsory to buy once you get there. Furthermore, if you have a limited budget, shopping for clothes the moment you reach a new country may not be feasible. Therefore, here is a list of essential clothing you will need for your study abroad


  • Round neck t-shirts
  • Collar neck t-shirts
  • Jeans
  • Formal shirts
  • Formal trousers
  • Undergarments
  • Formal suit
  • Track pants
  • Shorts
  • Swimwear
  • Winter wear like jackets, hoodies, snow boots, socks, etc., if you are going to a cold country.


When packing your baggage, make sure that the weight is not over the weight limit of the baggage prescribed by your airlines.


Find your housing beforehand.

After your university, your residence would be the most important thing when living abroad. Therefore, the research into finding the right student apartment must be done properly.


If the university does not have an option for student accommodation, you will have to look for private student accommodation. If you are booking your accommodation online or with the help of a broker, remember to check the following:


  • Do they offer pick-up services from the airport?
  • How far is the university from your location? 
  • How safe is the location? 
  • How will you travel to the university on an everyday basis?
  • How many people will be living with you?
  • How many and what kind of electrical appliances are available in the student apartment?
  • How should you proceed if you notice that any of the appliances in the student apartment is damaged?
  • Are the meals included in the package?
  • If the meals are not included in the package, how far is the closest diner?
  • What is the status of the Internet connection in the student accommodation?


Once you reach the location, if you do not like your apartment, you can always change. Thus, remember to discuss with your broker the refund options as well. Do not go into a foreign land without having accommodation set up for you from before.


Pack some snacks

You might not be aware of the cuisine of the destination you are traveling. Therefore, it is always wise to pack some snacks before you leave. This way, if you arrive at your destination hungry, you do not have to go in search of diners. Remember to pack healthy snacks like fruits, dry fruits, etc. You do not want to indulge in French fries, burgers, or any diet that may harm your health. The travel and settling down in a new country will be stressful enough. Why add more stress do it?


Do some meditation

If you are feeling anxious about the journey ahead, it is totally understandable. You are going off to a new place, and you will be living away from your family. It is obvious that these thoughts would bring in a barrage of emotions. Therefore, take a few deep breaths, focus on your breathing pattern and calm your mind. With a calm and cool demeanor, not only the traveling part but the settling down part will also become easy.


You are going to a new place with a lot of hopes and dreams. There will be challenges that you will have to face along the way. But nothing will compare to the feeling once you have achieved your degree from your dream college or institution. So, work hard and focus on your goals. Good luck. 


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