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If you are new to the racecourse or the race betting scene, it can seem a little overwhelming, with all those phrases, traditions, and modern jargon. With our crash course into the world of horse racing, we aim to show you a smoother path to the winners’ enclosure by winning on the betting calculator.

What type of horses are racehorses?

Today’s racehorses are thoroughbreds, which were originally bred from the Arabian horse. All racehorses competing in the sport today can be traced back to just three horses, which were the founding sires of the breed when they arrived in England during the 17th and 18th Centuries. Racehorses are the ultimate equine athlete, bred for speed and stamina and at the peak of their fitness, can run over a mile in under one minute.

What are the main types of races?

There are two forms of horse races in the UK – the jump (also known as the National Hunt) and the flat. With a jump race, the horses need to be able to clear a series of hurdles as they race, while a flat race is where the horses race a straight or oval track, with no hurdles. The two types of races also differ in distance: a flat race is between just over ½ mile to around 2.5 miles while a jump race is longer, measuring between two and 4.5 miles.

How do odds and formwork?

Odds are a betting forecast to help you judge the likelihood of a racehorse winning the race and the pay-out you may get. The shorter the odds, for example, 3:1, then better the chance the horse has of winning but the return on your bet will be lower. The longer the odds, say, 25:1, the less chance the horse has but if it does win, you will get a larger payout on your original bet.

Form is the recent performance of each horse in the race which can help you decide where to place your bet. By studying the form – which will include where the horse has been placed, as well as any falls or refusals in recent races – can help you understand more about how the horse may perform.

What type of bet should I place?

The beauty of horse racing is the wide range of bets you can place. This choice means you can pick the type of bet that suits you, your experience and your budget.

The most popular types of bets are bet to win (where you simply place your money on the horse you think will be first past the post) and bet to place (where you bet on a horse coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd). Then there’s bet each way (where you bet on a horse to win, with an equal bet on it coming placed) and a multiple bet or accumulator (where you choice horses in a number of consecutive races and any winning from the first race rolls over as a stake on the second, and so on).

Do I need to be an expert?

No, you don’t have to be an expert as horse racing and betting can be enjoyed by the beginner or the more seasoned thanks to the choice of bets to suit all levels of experience.

Studying form, as well as reading up on the jockey, the venue and the race beforehand, all add to the excitement and will help to build up your knowledge.

However, the key to horse racing and betting is to enjoy yourself, whether at the track or in the comfort of your own home and know your budget – then stick to it.

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