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As adults, we just love to bundle up and get cosy inside our blankets, no matter what season. But, even for us adults, blankets work like a comforter. So, imagine how much a child would enjoy the warmth and closeness of a baby blanket. Imagine the happiness of sleeping with a comforter or a baby blanket they love so much. This article will help you understand all you need to know about a baby blanket and how to prepare a baby blanket for napping. So, before you buy baby blanket online, read this and make an informed and conscious choice!


How To Choose The Best Baby Blanket

Whenever you buy anything for your little baby, there are many factors you need to take into consideration. Of course, this stands true for your baby blanket as well. But, of course, the comfort of your baby is the most crucial factor, and sometimes you might need to make a bit of trial and error or adjustment before something clicks for your baby. So here are some tips and factors to consider before you buy your baby’s comforter or baby blanket:

  • SIZE– Based on your baby’s age and length, what size would be perfect for them would differ from baby to baby. Newborn blankets are smaller in size and usually fit up to a year or two. But, once your baby starts to walk and grow in length, you need to get a more oversized and generously sized baby blanket for them.
  • MATERIAL – There is a variety of baby blanketsavailable in the market in many different materials. From the softest and purest materials, such as Mulmul and organic cotton, to synthetic and artificial fibres, you will find all kinds of baby blankets However, when it comes to babies and their apparel and accessories, the thumb rule is to always go with natural and soft materials. Therefore, Cotton, Linen, Wool, Muslin, etc. are the best materials for a baby blanket.
  • FITTED VS LOOSE – If you have fitted blankets, or wearable blankets available as a choice, go for fitted ones. Until a younger age, babies are unable to independently remove a piece of clothing from their face in case it is irritating or suffocating them. Therefore, a blanket should never cover a baby’s face and ideally should remain only till the shoulder. Thus, a fitted blanket will eliminate the risk of suffocation.
  • ADD-ONS – Avoid buying blankets that have anything apart from cloth or fabric on it. Tassels, fur, beads, ribbons, bows, etc., might look very cute, but they can pose a choking hazard for babies.
  • HOODED – Just like the ends of a loose baby blanket, the hood of a hooded blanket can fall over the face of the baby and suffocate them. Younger babies might be unable to remove the hood from their faces independently. Thus, it is advised to avoid hooded blankets.


Why Is Baby Blanket Important For A Baby

There are many cases where a baby and their baby blanket are inseparable. Wherever the baby goes, parents have to ensure that they carry their blanket or comforter along. A baby blanket is not just an accessory but a comforter and emotional support for some babies. Here is why a baby blanket is essential to have:

  • It gives your baby a familiar comfort. Babies get used to the texture, smell and touch of their blanket, and every time they need to self-soothe, the blanket plays a vital role.
  • Baby blankets are usually colourful and play an essential role in visual stimulation for babies and their developing brains. Playing peek-a-boo with babies using their blankets is a prevalent practice, eventually leading to colour and pattern recognition in children.
  • Kids have a sense of warmth and security when tucked into a blanket. The weight and comfort of the blanket make them feel like someone is holding them or has a hand on them. This helps them feel secure and sleep well.
  • And the most crucial role of a blanket, anyways, is temperature regulation for babies. Blankets are an all-season accessory that helps babies protect from cold weather and regulate their body temperature in all seasons with soft and light summer blankets.


How To Prepare Baby Blanket For Napping

It is an easy task to prepare your baby’s blanket for nap time. Kids look for familiarity in their surroundings and things that touch them while they are sleepy, and if a familiar face, blanket and room are there, it helps them fall asleep easier and faster.

Ensure the blanket is not damp, moist, cold or dirty to avoid skin rashes or your baby catching a cold. When you tuck your baby in a blanket, please ensure that the blanket does not cover their face. Also, ensure that the shoulder is folded in from their shoulders or that their hands are out and tucked under their arms. These few small things will ensure the sleep safety of your baby. Finally, straighten any creases on the blanket so that the folds do not become uncomfortable for your baby.


Sometimes, even if you get one of the most amazing blankets, your baby might not like it. But kids form a bond with their baby blanket and choose what they love. Respect their choice and let them find comfort in their favourite blanket. Happy Parenting!

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