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Card games are an amazing way for us to connect. They are highly competitive, and they bring raw emotions out of people. It’s generally a fun time for everyone involved, though it can become frustrating at times. 

Different cultures around the world have different traditions, customs, attire, and, believe it or not, the games they play. Various cultures around the world play different games to help them connect with their peers or have some fun. Card games can become even more competitive when you put your money on the line. Today, we’ll explore a popular Indian gambling game Teen Patti and the world of gambling. 

What is Teen Patti?

India is a country with around 1.3 billion people, so undoubtedly, they have a large variety of games to choose from. One of the popular choices is Teen Patti. This is a gambling card game played with 3-6 players with a 52 card pack without the use of the joker card. This game is very similar to another popular card game, poker. 

Teen Patti is generally played around a table setting. Before the cards are dealt with each player involved, the boot, or buy-in, which is the amount of money each player must put in to start playing the game. This money is kept in the middle of the table throughout the game. As the game progresses, the money grows and 

Each player is dealt three cards at the beginning of the game, with each being face down. The winner of the game is determined by the person who has the best hand or the highest hand based on the game’s card ranking system. 

Ranking System

Set (Three cards of the same rank)

Pure Sequence (ex. Ace, Two, Three) All the same color

Run (ex. Ace, Two, Three) Different colors

Color (ex. All the same color, and sequence doesn’t matter)

Pair (Two of the same cards or rank)

High Card

Playing the Game

When the game starts, you have the option of placing a bet before or after starting. If you place a bet before seeing the cards, you’re known as the blind player. If you place a bet after seeing the card, you’re known as the seen player.

Blind Player

This is the person who has placed a bet before seeing the cards. Your bet must then be equal to the stake amount or twice the amount. The bet a blind player places now becomes the teak amount for the next player, but half of the bet placed by a seen player becomes the steak for the next player. The only time a blind player may ask for a show of the cards is if there is only one player remaining. In this case, the person with the better hand wins the remaining money. 

Seen Player

A seen player has many more options than a blind player. They can play Chaal, Pack, Show, and Side Show. 


When playing Chaal, a player must put the bet amount in the pot. The amount is equal to two times or four times the current stake amount. If the steak amount set previously was by a blind player, the steak amount is the amount bet by that player. If the previous stake was set by a seen player, the steak amount is now half.

Side Show

A sideshow is essentially asking the previous player to show their cards to compare them to your deck. A player can only do a sideshow if the previous player was a seen player with one or more people still playing the game. Your steak amount must be equal to the current amount or double it. A player has the option to deny your request. If your request is accepted and they have a better hand on you, then you must pack, and vice versa.

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