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Perfect Place For Your Child To

As September comes around, many children are going back to school for the first time since lockdown began. Even those who have been back to school before the holidays are likely to have only been back for a limited time each week. 

With the summer holidays, plus the distraction of studying from home before that, many kids will find it difficult to get back into the rhythm of education. Luckily, there are lots of things we, as parents, can do to help them feel a little more comfortable and at ease with things. 

One great way is to create a study space for them. A quiet, dedicated space for study and homework is a great way to help your child get their homework done. They will then associate that space with work, helping them to build better habits without the distraction of the hustle and bustle of the home. 

To help you get started, here are some top tips to help you create the perfect study space for your child:

Pick A Quiet Place

You can choose any area of the home to be a study space for your child, but it should be quiet. If your child can hear lots of noise from other children, neighbours or other activity in the home, they will likely be distracted by that. 

Choose Somewhere You Can Easily Clear

You can create space in the home by using cheap self storage for furniture. This can help to clear the spare room, or the cluttered end of your child’s room, so you can add a desk and some storage. You only need to clear a corner, there’s no need for a home office or anything like that. 

Don’t Spend Lots Of Money

You could buy lots of new things for your child’s study space but, the fact is, they don’t really care about the furniture. Upcycle a few nice bits from your self storage unit and if you want to invest in anything, save up for better technology or nice stationary for your child to study with. Even better, save for treat day activities to reward your child’s hard studying in their new homework space. 

Avoid Physical Distractions

Depending on your child’s age, you will want to build a space that is free of physical distractions. Try to remove toys and items they like to play with. Instead, keep the space fresh, clean and plain. 

Leave Space For You

Your child’s study area should also have room for you to sit by them and help them. Sometimes some really nice bonding can occur during homework time, as you help your child read or do maths. Leaving room for you to sit by them is important for that reason. 

Try To ‘Zone’ The Space

If your child has to sleep and study in the same space they may get stressed and struggle to associate their bedroom with relaxation. If their study space has to be in their bedroom, try to add storage to put their study things away, or screening so that they aren’t reminded of homework and school every time they look in that corner. 

The tips above can help you create a helpful study space for your child as they go back to school. Not only will this space help them to build better study habits, and excel in their grades, but it will also help with any future lockdown situations too, future-proofing your child’s education. 

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