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In recent years plant-based diets have become increasingly popular. One of the common questions people ask is how to go about eating a plant-based breakfast. In this short article, we will briefly discuss the basics of plant-based breakfast prep.

What to include

For many, breakfasts are the foundation of the day. Though some people may skip breakfast, most will find their fuel for the day in this one meal. For those who like to get a power start, you will want to include some key foods.

First of all a grain. Oatmeal is a common grain that is eaten for breakfast (more about that later). Other grains include wheat bread (whole wheat or spelt is preferred), buckwheat (can also be used to make porridge) and corn (tortillas).

Add seeds, nuts or a paste of seeds or nuts to get a good amount of plant-based protein in the morning.

Fruits such as berries, apples and bananas give you the necessary antioxidants and vitamins.

If you really want to make a special breakfast, you may even add a power-packed turmeric tea!

What to exclude

Plant-based breakfasts exclude certain foods, mainly animal-based products. You will want to avoid all kinds of meat as well as cheese, milk and yoghurt.

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand and availability of plant-based cheeses, milks (soy, almond, oat milk) and yoghurts. Go to your local (organic) supermarket where you will most likely find these plant-based options.

Quick and fast

The most common plant-based breakfast in the world is oatmeal. It is quick and fast to prepare, and super healthy! You can cook oats in a pot with some water or soy milk (cooking time 5-7 minutes) or, if you want to be eating even faster, you can simply microwave the oats with water or soy milk for about one minute.

Once cooked, add any kind of seeds or nuts you want, for example, flax seeds, sesame seeds and cashew nuts. Add a bit of shredded coconut, dates, or date/maple/agave syrup for some sweetness.

Don’t forget to add in banana, apple and ideally some berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries)!

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