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Secret menus are all the rage at fast-food joints these days. With the way information is exposed online, these menus aren’t really secret. Heck, In-N-Out even lists the Not So Secret menu in their official website, along with the In-N-Out menu with prices

Are they any good? Let’s take a look: 

Double Meat

You have the 2 patties made from 100% American beef, along with the spread, tomato, and the hand-leafed lettuce. It’s up to you if you want onions (our tip—get the onions too), and they’re all in the freshly baked bun. Basically, it’s the Double Double but without the 2 slices of cheese, which means you cut down on the calories too. 

As you have 2 patties, the balance between the meat and the trimmings is much better. The main problem with the standard hamburger is that sometimes you feel like it’s mainly the bread and the fixings that you’re tasting. You can barely sense the meat. But with the double meat, this isn’t a problem. 


At this point, the nutritional value won’t exactly make your doctor happy. But then again, you can say that with just about all fast food. The main thing you can do is to reduce your fast-food meals. 

With the 3×3, you have the Double Double except now you get 3 beef patties to go with the 3 slices of American cheese. It works fine when you’re hungry enough that the mere Double Double just won’t cut it. This is simply huge, but it’s still somewhat manageable to eat as long as you’re careful. 

Eating this may not be helpful when you’re trying to lose weight, but you’ll feel full enough that you might not need any snacks for the rest of the afternoon. You may even eat less for dinner! 

Having the 3 patties of beef also doesn’t really overpower the rest of the fixings. The balance is still nice, although the meat flavor is quite prominent. 


This time, you have 4 beef patties to go with the 4 slices of American cheese, along with all the trimmings: spread, lettuce, tomato, and onion. And as you might imagine, it contains lots of calories and sodium, along with plenty of protein. 

It’s also rather messy to eat. You may have to carefully press the burger buns together to make it more manageable to bite into, and you will still have to open your jaws wide. 

It may not be for everyone, but this is a great option when you don’t normally eat too much when it’s dinner time. It also works for those who want to bulk up their skinny frame and build bigger muscles along the way. the protein content is just terrific for muscle builders. 

It sure isn’t for those with hypertension issues, however. The sodium content here exceeds the recommended daily limit for sodium intake, in just one burger. It’s just too much salt for even those without high blood pressure. 

Grilled Cheese

This is like ordering the Double Double, except that you want the folks at In-N-Out to take out the patties. That means you’re left with the 2 slices of American cheese, along with the spread, lettuce, tomato, and the optional onions. Frankly, it seems like everything in In-N-Out is actually optional, right? 

This is a terrific option for those who want to cut down on the calories and sodium. It also works for those with vegetarian leanings as well. 

For best results, as that the bun is extra toasted so you get a bit more crunch. With grilled cheese, you need more texture. You may also ask that you get griddled tomato as well. 

Protein Style

The style refers to how you get large leaves of lettuce as your bun. So, instead of asking for the Double Double, you can ask for the Double Double Protein style and get the same 2 patties and fixings. This means it’s just a bit healthier, and you cut down on the carbs as well if you’re on a low-carb diet. 

You do need to take extra care when you eat this, or else things can get really messy. The lettuce can hold the meat and the fixings well enough, but the buns are better at absorbing the sauce. With the lettuce, the sauce can get a bit runny. 

Animal Style

Get the burger you want, but this time, they cook the beef patties with mustard. That means you enjoy some extra tanginess in the flavor. You get more of the special spread covering the bun as well. And here, you get all the trimmings, and a lot of them. That means lots of lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions, along with some pickle. 

Many say this is the best, rivalling even the fabled Double Double. It’s messy, but it’s filling and very delicious.

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