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There are many reasons why renting a storage unit has become a necessity today. An individual may be moving to another state, running an online business, or leaving for overseas duty.  They may simply have too much stuff for their current residence.  A storage unit serves as a solution to all these problems.

Of course, people are concerned about the safety and security of their belongings. They are concerned about leaving their valuable belongings in a storage unit. Storage West, a storage company, serving in the Western part of the United States, is addressing all the safety and reliability concerns of the people. The company offers a reliable and secure way to store a variety of items in a safe, climate-controlled environment.

The History of One of the Most Reliable Self-Storage Companies in the Western US

Storage West was an off-shoot of the company “The Los Angeles Athletic Club” (LAAC), which was founded in 1880. Many prominent celebrities, including Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino, and Mary Pickford, were part of this club. The company is also known for bringing the Summer Olympics to Los Angeles in 1932 and for founding the John R. Wooden Award.

In 1978, the company laid the foundation of Storage West with an aim to cater to the storage needs of people and businesses operating in California.  Over time, they added more and more units, finally moving to neighboring states. Now in Nevada, Texas, and Arizona as well, Storage West provides storage units for both homeowners and business owners. The primary goal of this company was to “provide clean, safe, and secure facilities for families and businesses to store their belongings.”

The Solution to All Storage Problems

Storage West is a company that operates with a diverse portfolio of services. From providing storage units to moving trucks, and from packing supplies to discount programs, this company offers solutions to all storage problems.

The company offers self-storage units of a variety of different sizes. The sizes available at this storage company include sizes of an average studio apartment, small one-bedroom apartment, large one- to two-bedroom apartment, two-bedroom house, three-bedroom house, and a house with more than four bedrooms. These storage units can also be used for RV, cars, and boats as homes do not have much space in their garage to park more than one vehicle.

There is a total of 59 locations across the Western US. People and businesses operating in this region can easily find a storage unit that fits their needs. There are different types of storage units available, including outdoor, drive-up, and air-cooled storage. Moreover, people can even get their packages delivered to their storage unit. Additionally, the companies can use these self-storage units and get that open layout office concept.

The company services are not just confined to offering units to store belongings, but it offers multiple other services. Storage West helps movers by easing out the process for them. Home movers can opt for the company’s moving truck and use it for up to seven hours, that too, without any fee or hidden charges. Moreover, gas is included, and users do not have to refill the tank. Not only this, but Storage West also offers boxes and other packing supplies. People can visit their storage unit and purchase packing supplies and eliminate the stress from their lives.

To improve the storage experience, Storage West offers the ‘here-for-you guarantee.’ It is a service upgrade that allows users to get discounts and extra protection. The program ensures that consumers get high-quality storage services.

There are several innovative ways to use the storage units offered by West Storage. Kyler Nipper, who was stabbed with a pencil at school, used Storage West’s storage unit to start his non-profit charity. The family rented Storage West Flamingo for his charity and then upgraded to a larger unit as he began to grow his charity.

Storage West was founded more than 40 years ago and is serving the region with its unparalleled storage services. It is a part of the Chamber of Commerce of areas including Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, Henderson, Las Vegas, Lake Forest, Greater Tomball, Redlands, and several others. Storage West is a self-storage company that is keen to help homeowners and businesses safely store their belongings and manage their inventories and assisting them in living a stress-free life.

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