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Dog owners need to consider what they are feeding their pet. I can’t remember when I started feeding my dog raw food, but the reasons are all pretty compelling. It’s certainly better for their health than processed food.

Nature is better, right? Your dog agrees. I, too, was resistant to change at first. But after all the health benefits of a raw diet (which don’t need to be explained in detail), you and your dog will be ready to make the switch.

for more dog treats are creatures of habit, so it’s understandable that you have some reservations about changing up their diets. There are many valid concerns, such as choking on bones or not being able to meet his nutritional needs. That is why raw dog food is recommended with processed one as it balances the diet and the nutritional value of the food.

I’ll never forget my dog’s reaction to the raw chicken I fed him. I had been reading about raw feeding before, but my own dog’s reaction scared me. When I started feeding my pup a diet of raw chicken wings, I was afraid that this would be the end of his life. What it was like up to that point? Well, I was afraid. As a dog owner, I can tell you that starting on a raw diet is truly scary.

You love your dog a lot, so change must be scary. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be out there reading up about what to feed your pup.

Let’s dig further…

The amount of fat matters

Protein and fat are the staples of a raw dog food diet. This means that most of the meal should be made up of these two things, usually by buying ground or cut meat and putting it in your dog’s bowl. But remember to keep everything balanced, because feeding dog raw diet requires a lot of variety.

The best kind of fat for your dog is a low-fat, high protein diet. The foundation of your dog’s raw meals will be protein. For example, 10% to 20% fat total, including fish oil, should be a part of a healthy, balanced diet.


A dog’s diet should not contain more than 20% fat, or it will cannibalize vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, D, K, and E. This can result in an incomplete diet for puppies and older dogs.

Less fat

Your dog will not be happy if the fat content dips below 10%. This is a sign of fat deficiency. Try to keep your dog’s diet between 10%-20% most days or you will start to see dry, itchy skin.

Minerals & calcium balance

You know how your dog needs proteins? Well, minerals are just as important. Minerals are what turn on all of the metabolic processes in your pet’s body. For example, if he is missing minerals, he can develop crippling joint disease, heart issues, seizures, and more.Having right nutrients in the pet food is very important for their growth. You can get or puppy milk from reputed suppliers that has balanced nutrition for your pet.

You might be intimidated about the mineral content of bones, but it’s not as difficult as you think. Bones are about 65% minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. These minerals are important for your dog’s muscle movement and bodily functions. They are crucial for his health to keep him healthy.

A diet consisting only of meat would lead to some serious health problems. This type of diet is too high in phosphorus and low in calcium. If a person or animal were on this type of diet, the phosphorus would deplete the skeletal system and cause bone and joint diseases. Growing puppies would be especially susceptible to these types of health problems.

Minerals are vital

The amount of bone in your dog’s diet should be between 12% to 15%. That means you’ll need a variety of different types of bones. For example, if you have a 4kg Chihuahua, don’t buy a beef rib bone. Instead, buy a smaller bone. A 45kg Rottweiler, however, will do well with a beef rib bone.

In order for a bone to be a good source of minerals, the dog must be able to eat it completely. Stay away from pieces that can’t be consumed by your dog.

Wrapping up

It’s really important to know how much raw food your dog should be eating. Puppies need more because they are growing, but adult dogs should only eat a limited amount.

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