Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

The world has gradually experienced a decline in the availability of new jobs ever since the 2008 financial crunch. That means the existing job industry is saturated, and the current employees are overburdened with piling work. This economic downturn has led to the growth of the freelancing sector. Due to the saturation of the job market and cringing work conditions, most people now prefer to do the job as a freelancer and have their freedom to work.

Hence, people are loving the concept of working from home, mainly because it offers high earning opportunities and gives them the power to decide the terms and conditions for their work. Likewise, the trend of drop servicing businesses is also increasing since it seems like an intriguing business idea to many.

Additionally, drop servicing businesses are all about delivering digital products in the form of services. It is super easy to manage and bags you higher profits because of lower costs.

If you wish to start a drop servicing business and are clueless about how to go about it, then we have the perfect solution. We have prepared a step-by-step guide to help you plan and execute your drop servicing business that will not only be successful but will allow you to grow your business if executed correctly.

Following are the steps to start a drop servicing business:

Step 1: Find A Service 

Most businesses try to create a single platform that offers various types of services. Unfortunately, this is not how things work; instead, you have to pick a niche and grow yourself to become a market leader in that niche. Alongside building your brand, it develops customer loyalty. Hence, explore the market, do some research, look over your competitors, and then call the shots.

Following are some examples of services which you can offer:

  • Digital marketing: You can offer many services under digital marketing – lead generation, social media marketing, SEO, Google ads, and video marketing. 
  • Graphic design: Graphic design has become very popular because people are looking forward to the visual forms of communications. Thus, you can also provide services for eBook design, photographs, infographics, and illustrations. 
  • Programming: In digital work, programming also has a high market demand. 

Step 2:  Build Your Business 

Even though you are not providing services, you have to build your business by hiring genuine service providers. You can look up to popular platforms like Fiverr or Guru to find top-quality freelancers who charge extremely low as compared to your clients. At the same time, get some knowledge regarding the services you are providing because your lack of knowledge can create troubles. You won’t be able to judge whether the freelancer is producing quality work, or not and since he is your employee, assessing performance is crucial.

Step 3: Create A Website 

We are living in a digitalized world where your business is incomplete without a virtual store – a website that displays all your services. That will include variations of service packages you are offering. It not only helps your business grow but draws customer’s attention. Pick templates that provide samples of services you are providing. Similarly, you can also add a page of ‘how it works’ to make visitors understand the entire procedure of placing an order. 

Are you wondering how to create a website? You need a domain name and page builder to kick off your site. The domain name should reflect your brand name or the services you are offering.  Don’t forget to add testimonials of your previous customers because people take others word of mouth very seriously.

Step 4:  Create A Sales Funnel 

In this digital world, creating a sales funnel has become a necessity to keep track of customers and services. You get to identify pinpoints of your services, recognizing areas that need attention. For instance, poor performance by freelancer might turn away the customer. Sales will trace back and reveal the stage where the customer left, allowing you to work on your weak points. If you think building the whole sales funnel is not your cup of tea, pick any template. Kartra offers long sales pages while giving you the autonomy to edit and add features to make it look unique.  

Step 5: Advertise 

What is the point of running a business when people don’t know about it? That is where advertisements, promotions, and marketing kicks in. You might have put all your efforts into establishing an impeccable business model, but it will only work when you market it correctly. Firstly, identify your target market – the people who need your services. 

Secondly, analyze your target market to see whether they are willing to pay the prices you are charging. After this, you have to pick a forum and start promoting. Although it depends on the type of services, social media can always work in your favor. Likewise, you can also use Google ads to reach out to people while creating brand awareness. 

Step 6: Understand Limitations 

Drop servicing business is becoming popular for all the right reasons, but you need to understand it has a few limitations. In this business, you are not providing services, which means you don’t have control over it. Your freelancer might fail to deliver services on time or ends up doing the wrong thing; you will hold the bag for these problems. However, never make excuses with the customers; otherwise, it can raise questions on your business credibility. If you wish to escape these troublesome situations, always keep a few backup sellers who can bail you out. 


Believe it or not, drop service is one of the most promising business models, offering distinct options. Like every other venture, it demands time, efforts, and some funds, allowing you to continue with ease. At the same time, you can’t open this business overnight; instead, you have to do detailed research and educate yourself on the type of service you are willing to offer to your clients that must be outsourced. Hopefully, with the help of the guide mentioned above, you can quickly start your own drop servicing business.

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