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Because some things in life don’t need trouble, but they definitely need the right way? And this way is heated and enjoyable.

At the sight of the razor or, to be precise, of the razor’s edge, memories always awaken from the time when the alarm clock sounded in the army camp. Cold water and little time.The result? The skin gets irritated and the itch stops only a little while before the vicious cycle starts again.

The sun rises, let’s say because when you serve the motherland you often wake up before sunrise and you are again faced with the blade and the cold water.


Years of unshaven

It’s been years since then, don’t ask how many, but, you want the style, a little bit of those bad memories, the razor came out of my life completely. Until the day a new product came to the office. I’m crazy about the idea. The razor looked similar to other shaving machines, but a bronze metal plate stood out under the blades.

I opened the package that looked like one of those shiny, well-made Santa technology gifts. The round base reminded me of a futuristic object, while my enthusiasm was magnified when touching the handle of the razor she stood upright as if floating and white light (may the force be with you) illuminated two shiny rings.

While Heated Razor was loading, I read the instructions for use. It wasn’t a big deal. A button determines the intensity of the heat. Oh, hot while you’re shaving, without a water heater on with the gum in your eye.


A heated plate makes all the difference

The plate is heated in seconds and touches the skin as if preparing it for a close shave without irritation. It reminded me of a movie from the old Greek cinema, where the barber wrapped the customer’s face with a warm wet towel.

I pressed the high temperature, at 50 degrees (it has a choice for lower) and started shaving. Of course, in addition to heat, a decisive role for a… bloodless shaving falls on the blades. Five blades shave deep parts of the face with one pass. From my enthusiasm I had completely forgotten how many years I hadn’t seen my face clean of a beard.

I read that Gillete’s machine has been awarded as “Engadget’s People’s Choice” at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019. The test also convinced me that someone with “nightmarish memories” of frozen shavings would give this gaffe of personal hygiene, excellent 10.

I can’t say I’m going to keep shaving every day, six is a big thing and I’ve learned to live with my beard. But now I have a very good ally to perfect the lines of generations in the face and not worry about rashes, redness and cuts.

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