Sat. May 25th, 2024


No doubt being surrounded by the deadly Coronavirus has threatened us all. With the least social contact, we all are relying upon smart devices to continue our routine tasks. Businesses are now utilizing video communication apps like Zoom, Skype, and others. On the contrary, schools and other educational institutes have shifted to online classes using learning management systems. 

With parents working from home and kids attending online classes, we all are depending on smart devices. Such consumer behavior elevated mobile app usage during the global pandemic 2020.

We all are confined to the boundaries of our homes. And smart devices along with high-end mobile apps are all we have to continue work or schooling. 

As the internet has the solution to every problem. Let’s have a look at top searches during the global lockdown.

  • What is the best book to read?”
  • How to bake yeastless bread?”
  • DIY Hairstyle
  • Family Movies
  • Parenting Tips
  • And many others.

None of us has relied on technology that much in our lives. When it comes to mobile apps, several categories thrived during the recent epidemic.

Gaming Apps:



From board games to card games, both kids and adults entertained themselves with mobile gaming apps. Such consumer behaviour elevated the gaming app usage to 858 million downloads.

Stalkerware Apps:

It is necessary to take precautions during the present intense situation. With stalker were apps, people can ensure if their loved ones are at a safe locality or spending time with healthy people. Stalkerware apps usage grew by 51% since March 2020.

Entertainment Apps:

Netflix is already a favorite app of youth. Entertainment apps include Tiktok, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. the global mobile usage surge showed a 125x increase in family movie queries. Moreover, Netflix alone has gained 55% increase in in-app download.

Video Communication Apps:

Homeschooling, business meetings, and virtual family gatherings, everything is now dependent on smart devices. Thanks to Zoom, Skype, and other video communication apps for being there and helping us with conferencing to assist with meetings and homeschooling. 

Healthcare Apps:

Whether it is telemedicine or home-based workout plans, mobile apps are here to serve us. Healthcare apps flourished this year because no one wants to take a risk by visiting a doctor or going to the gym. Healthcare apps facilitate human beings with effective ways to improve wellness.

ECommerce Apps:

Online shopping is the only way to buy stuff during the global epidemic. People can now shop in serenity and avoid crowded exposure of shopping malls. Such online shopping behaviour has resulted in a 53% growth in eCommerce apps.

As per reports, people spent 1.6 trillion hours on smartphones and tablets Android usage stats show a 20% increase in screen time worldwide.

Well, everything makes sense. Doesn’t it? 

Source: Mobile App Usage Consumer Behavior During COVID-19

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