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Aasimar race

Aasimar is a playable race in the fifth version of the Prisons and Mythical Beasts pretending game. They are slid from heavenly creatures and have acquired their heavenly characteristics. This might be the cause of the fact that they are more resistant when handling magical assaults. Aasimar 5e Aasimar race in D&D 5e Races is an intermediate race between humans and angels. They are still mortal races, but they have some superior traits than the other mortals. Aasimars are mostly human-looking but have supernatural characteristics like glowing eyes, wings, and a radiant aura.

What is an Aasimar?

There’s a new race in the Aasimar 5e of Dungeons & Dragons. Aasimar is a humanoid race with heavenly origins. They are mostly human in appearance, but they have some characteristics that make them different than ordinary men. They have wings and glowing eyes, and their bodies produce a radiant aura. Aasimars are gentle and kind in nature, and they care about other human beings, so much so that they become the guardians of all living creatures on the earth. 

They are called Aasimar, and they originate from Forgotten Realms. They are celestial creatures that have dropped their wings for good. In addition to the wings, they also have some other supernatural characteristics that are found in ancient manasaputras of India. Aasimar is also referred to as “deva,” “celestial,” or “angel” in other fantasy games and books. They are lovely, and their race is human-like, mainly with some heavenly appearances.

Aasimar Traits

Aasimars’ physical traits combine their human parents and angelic bloodline. These traits make people think that they are otherworldly creatures. They have ears that are slightly pointed, similar to elves or dwarves. Aasimars have immunity against disease, resistance against radiant damage, and a magic circle against evil at 1st level. While they are not celestial creatures, they are protected by the divine and always act lawfully.

They also have a few additional traits at certain levels. They have +2 to their Charisma and Dexterity scores and gain proficiency in the Arcana or Religion skill. Aasimars can also communicate with elementals at will, and Aasimar can cast cleric spells, but they must prepare them by praying to their gods.

Aasimar Relationships with Other Races

Aasimars know they are different from other races, but most people do not see them as unusual. They have some thoughts about other races, mainly those of elven origin. There are exceptions, like half-elves, who have some human-like features mixed with their elven blood. Other races are not too fond of aasimars and, most of the time, frown upon them. The aasimar know this is wrong, but they can’t change their traits and become like the others. Some people want to blend in with other races, especially when they can get away with it. Aasimars have good morals and values and will never use their heritage or powers for evil. 

Life as Aasimar

Aasimars usually have a few misconceptions about themselves. They don’t know that they are heavenly creatures, and they don’t realize that other races also have the traits of divine creatures. To break the misconception and clear the misunderstanding, many aasimar adventurers choose to leave their old homes behind and always choose new places as their new homes.

Aasimar Subraces:

There are 3 subraces of aasimar: The Protector, the Scourge, and the Fallen. Each subrace is different in appearance and personality. They all continue to strive for what they believe in, but there are differences between the fall of the heavenly angels and their rise to prominence.

Protector Aasimar: These are celestial creatures that gods or goddesses create as guardians of particular worlds. They take pride in being protectors and will do anything to protect their homes, even if they have to fight against otherworldly creatures. Protector aasimars usually come from paladin-like backgrounds or something related to protecting others or fighting evil beings.

Scourge Aasimar: Scourge aasimars come from evil gods or goddesses and are here to drive out otherworldly creatures. They are very different from their Protector Aasimar cousins because they take no pride in being a protector and act like conquerors. They are not harmful themselves, but that is what they are here for. Scourge aasimars usually come from demon-like origins.

Fallen Aasimar: Fallen Aasimrs are creatures that have fallen due to their actions or someone else’s decree. Fallen Aasimar usually ignores everything and everybody unless someone is harassing them personally or causing them physical pain. However, these strangers can go after them with cold intent out of spite or malice.


Aasimar is a playable race in the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. It is a race with a celestial bloodline and descended from angelic creatures. Aasimar is human-like, with some characteristics not found in ordinary people. They have wings, glowing eyes, and a radiant aura. Aasimars usually care for other living creatures, and they constantly strive to help them when they can assist.

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