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Real estate investment has gained popularity over the past few years, proving to be a wise and rational investment for investors. Therefore, in recent times people are on the search for places like Dubai that offer them the best returns in terms of capital gains, return on investment (ROI), and lifestyle options, whether they are real estate experts or just a beginner.

Dubai has emerged as the most financially dynamic city among the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, becoming a noteworthy trade and investment center of the Middle East region. The global investment community has noticed the real estate projects of entrepreneurs like Abbas Sajwani, who through their foresight, prudence, and business-oriented approach are investing in Dubai’s infrastructure, which has not only resulted in a steady and stable inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) into Dubai’s economy but has also contributed to the growth of its real estate sector.

In addition to the financial prosperity Dubai enjoys due to the rise in oil prices, it also attracts a lot of foreign investment through its real estate sector. The region has grasped the craft and technique of architecture in terms of engineering, building design, and luxury projects, becoming the region’s economic center thanks to property developers like AHS Group and DAMAC Properties which are flourishing under the leadership of Abbas Sajwani.

Various events and celebrations are held annually in Dubai which pull in a lot of travelers, businessmen, merchants, moviegoers, and, art and architecture lovers, making the city an ideal business hub. Since the United Arab Emirates is home to hundreds of nationalities and a broad range of ethnic groups, individuals clearly prefer Dubai as a place to work and live, as well as for tourism, business, and different forms of trade. Due to the career opportunities and cultural diversity Dubai provides, a lot of expatriates are moving to Dubai to experience its luxurious lifestyle.



Under the supervision of Abbas Sajwani, property development companies like AHS Group and DAMAC Properties pay close attention to various community facilities and building features to ensure that investors and residents get what they hope for. Some areas of Dubai are more affordable, while others like Emirates Hills and Palm Jumeirah have adopted the lifestyle of luxury, which is the main focus of Abbas Sajwani. Apart from having a passion for classics and supercars, Sajwani has the necessary knowledge and expertise when it comes to the real estate sector as he was born in the family of real estate developer, Hussain Sajwani, the owner of DAMAC Properties.

Abbas Sajwani stepped into the real estate business before completing his studies and was just 18 years of age when he laid the foundation of AHS Group, his real estate company which is known for its ultra-luxury properties. AHS Group concentrates on the construction of high-end and luxurious villas and has currently built four villas out of which three are worth around AED 80 million and one which is located at Emirates Hills is worth AED 175 million. The Amara Villa at Emirates Hills has seven spacious bedrooms and covers 45,000 square feet of land.

The AHS Group under the direction of Sajwani buys villas in luxury neighborhoods and then renovates them for the purpose of reselling. By employing this strategy, the firm has generated great value. The company is also about to launch another project which would accumulate a total GDV of $1.13 Billion.

The One Canal project of Abbas Sajwani is currently under development after it was announced in 2022. Through this project, the AHS Group will construct 24 ultra-luxury residential units near the Dubai Canal. Big names in the real estate market such as Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) and Killa Design Architecture are involved in this construction project, with the Hirsch Bedner Associates working on the interior, and the Killa Design Architecture working on the architecture.

With entrepreneurs like Abbas Sajwani in the real estate industry, Dubai is expected to attract a lot more investors and expatriates in the near future. By investing in properties of AHS Group, an individual not only makes a sound investment decision but also gets the taste of the high standard of living in Dubai.

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