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About ramen shop opening funding

In fact, a ramen shop costs more than you can imagine if you make it from scratch with a skeleton.

For example, if you open a small ramen shop with a size of 10 stubs (about 20 tatami mats) in Tokyo, the average cost of opening it will be 8 to 10 million yen. If you rent a rental property with the so-called interior and exterior reset, this is called a skeleton.

In addition, when renting a prime location such as in front of a station, the property acquisition costs such as security deposit (security deposit) and key money will be higher in addition to the rent, and not only the opening cost but also the monthly payment will be higher.

However, this opening cost of 10 million yen is just an average opening cost, so it may be a little different on a case-by-case basis, but in most cases, it will cost about this.

In the case of a 東京にオープンしたラーメン屋, I rented a small shop of 12 stubs for rent of 225,000 yen and opened a ramen shop.

The opening costs incurred at this time are as follows.

  • Items / costs
  • Property acquisition cost (security deposit + key money + commission + guarantee company) * 2025,000 yen
  • Interior construction cost 5 million yen
  • Exterior construction cost 1 million yen
  • Kitchen equipment cost 3 million yen
  • Air conditioning equipment construction cost 1 million yen
  • Ticketing machine/furniture purchase cost 2 million yen
  • Other 500,000 yen
  • Total 14,525,000 yen

In this case, there was an advantage that you could rent a property with a skeleton and open a ramen shop that suits your image, but on the other hand, prepare interior, exterior, air conditioning equipment, and kitchen equipment from scratch. Because of the need, a lot of opening costs were required.

I mentioned that the cost of opening a business in Tokyo is at least 10 million yen, but this varies greatly depending on the location and the condition of the property to be rented.

Some people give up on ラーメン店を開くwhen they think, “Is this the cost to get started?”, But this is the cost of opening a ramen shop that makes interiors and exteriors from scratch.

Compared to this opening cost, one of the ways to open a ramen shop that is cheaper and less likely to fail is to open a ramen shop that utilizes an unoccupied property.

 What are the preparations and costs required to open a ramen?

Ramen shops, which are relatively easy to open compared to other industries and have discerning shops, are one of the most popular restaurants in restaurant management.

Therefore, this time, we have summarized the information you need to know before opening a ramen shop, such as the costs, features, and preparations required to open a ramen shop. We will also introduce recommended franchise information, so please refer to ラーメン店開店基金








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